What makes this plan different? 

There are already numerous “Bible in a Year” study tools available. So why would I bother to just add another to the pile? At the start of each week, there will be a brief summary for each passage (i.e., Matthew, Romans, Genesis, Psalms, etc.) of what you can look forward to or look out for as you read those passages. These summaries are like your own tour guide to discover what the heart of the Lord is in that portion of His story.

The 2-tier approach –

Following this study guide, our year-long journey will take us through the New Testament three times and the Old Testament once. The pace works out to be around five chapters a day, out of five sections in the Bible. The New Testament readings are referred to as Tier One: Gospels/Acts and Epistles/Revelation. The Old Testament readings are referred to as Tier Two: History, Poetry, and Prophets. Jesus is the fulfillment of all the Bible, so I would instruct you to immerse yourself in the New Testament passages daily and if you have the time, then go for the Old Testament passages.

Follow the grace. If you fall behind, don’t become bogged down with what you’ve missed. Just start fresh on the day you pick it up again. We are not reading to learn knowledge of God but to experience God and come to Jesus Christ in each day’s reading. Read aloud to God or listen to the scriptures being read on a bible app, allowing the words to paint pictures and bring experiences in the Spirit.


Pray. He is the host, and you are His guest, invited to see Him again, or maybe for the first time. We can accomplish so much more when we follow God’s lead rather than try to “buckle down and white knuckle it.” He is our peace, our strength, our hope, and our righteousness. It’s His book! Let Him strengthen you for the journey and before you know it, you may be excited to get to His Word every day rather than dreading the task of a year-long commitment you somehow wish you hadn’t made around 2 weeks in.

Off we go!