”…the goodness of God leads you to repentance…” Romans 2:4b

Dear Beloved of the Lord,

Sunday at our 9AM service, Brian Rogers released this Jubilee word. I know you will be blessed.

The Lord is pouring out goodness, blessings, new mercy, and new hope, to hope again against natural hope, new faith & new joy.

I am pouring out over you, not because you have done anything, not because you deserve it or have earned it, not because of some great act or accomplishment. For some, your greatest victory is just getting here, pressing through the warfare and the struggles to gather together—you valued the coming together of My Body. Some, knocked down—you got up. Some, tested and tried…you failed, but you stood—having done all to stand—you stood battered, bewildered, broken. Some, tossed to and fro—continued to and kept your eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher, even during great storms and shipwrecks.

I hear your praise from a heavy heart. I hear your shout of victory amidst defeat. I hear your prayer of faith during the loss, the cry for help from stormy seas. I see My Champions, My mighty men & women of valor, seasoned ones.

He is happy, smiling, laughing – you have overcome, endured, stayed the course, not of your own might or your power but by the might and the power given by Him, by Holy Spirit. I am pouring out goodness on you, your family, those whom you carry in your heart. I am pouring out goodness that causes you to think new, that refreshes you—that strengthens you.

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 27, 7PM-8:30PM: Six Mondays of prayer, starting today, January 27th. Come be a part of pre-conference prayer gatherings to discern the heart of God for The Champions—Spring Conference, which will be held 3/12/14 to 3/15/14.

Tuesday, January 28, 7PM: Join our journey of the “Saved Your Seat” Discovery Group: Men and women will meet separately to discover truths in each chapter and discuss how to incorporate them into our lives.

Wednesday, January 29, 6PM and 7PM services: Champions Night. Come join us and hear the voice of God within you, defining and guiding you on your pilgrimage in God. God has called you His champion.

Sunday, February 2, 9AM: Steve and Shirley Quon will share “Walking into Freedom”. Christ’s call for us to live in His freedom has been a lifelong calling for them.

Sunday, 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations. Don’t wait to read about it in the papers join us as we legislate from heaven the sovereign workings of Christ throughout His world.

Sunday, 11AM: I will share “Praying as Jesus Prays”, discovering the High Priestly intercession of Jesus and our confession of hope in Him.


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