A few weeks ago, if you told people you needed “social distancing,” it might have sounded like an uncouth thing to say. Now however, the world is in a panic, and separation is the norm. But that doesn’t have to be our experience. Jesus walked through a world in a sin pandemic, and all the while, He had to stay isolated from sin. Still, His focus was not on keeping Himself from sin, but rather on keeping Himself in the Father’s love. Abiding in the Spirit and the Word, Jesus walked free from sin, as well as all the evils of the world, through daily times of prayer. It was not until it was His time to be offered up as the Passover Lamb that He become susceptible to the world pandemic, and at that point it was the Father’s doing.

Turning into Jesus as our place of rest and refuge (our abiding place in Christ), will overwhelm isolation, fear, and even sickness. Jesus is healed, abiding in love, and accepting us into Himself. We are made to need Jesus for everything, and when we see and return to Him for our needs, His glory becomes our covering. Today, let’s enter into Christ and receive His faith, His hope, and His love. Let’s allow His peace to calm our hearts and minds, melting away all anxiety and fear. It is His joy that fills and makes our joy become full. God supplies all our needs according to His riches, in glory, and in Christ. Rather than fighting all that is happening, let’s find Christ in all that is happening. This disrupting is for us to receive a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Come inside of Christ and receive His unshakeable kingdom. We are never alone.

Jubilee Services Update – Online Wednesday and Sunday through March.

For the next two weeks we are not having any onsite services. Instead we will be live broadcasting our Wednesday and Sunday services at their usual times. We have dedicated and talented media and worship teams who will be bringing the services into our homes. In response to our President’s call to not gather in meetings larger than ten, we will instead deliver the meeting directly to your house. I believe this is Jesus’ doing, and that He is coming to heal our hearts and homes. This time is for the maturity of His body, and through it, we will grow leaps and bounds in these next weeks.

We are ready to do everything we can, and we will see the Lord glorified, and His body edified in love.

Here are a few things we can all do together:

Watch and participate with us online. All of our services will be broadcast live, and later reposted on-demand in their entirety; beginning with worship and continuing through the last prayer of blessing. This way we can stay fully connected to the miracle. Wednesday at 7:00 pm is a great time to test your viewing connection. We will have operators on hand, both to help with any technical issues that may arise from the YouTube broadcast, as well as to pray. Just call 805-482-5424.

Pray daily for our neighbors. At each service, we will take time to pray for our neighborhoods, our families, our cities, and Jubilee. We will lift up the body of Christ and the world.

Like us on YouTube and share us with friends. You can find us on YouTube by searching for JubileechurchCA.

How to Watch Us on YouTube

Click on one of the links below for help on how to watch Jubilee on YouTube.  There are individual links for the most common types of devices.

Computer – Web Browser

Ask God for encouraging words of faith to share with friends. Texting faith in times of fear will unlock hearts that may become weighed down. Prophesy good things and good outcomes from our good God.

Have prayer times with five. Most Smartphones will support five calls at the same time. Consider who you know that you could help in prayer; not who could help you. No matter how bad it is, or how weak you feel, someone else needs your faith. Love gives faith. Praying with the weak will empower you more than praying with the strong. We will talk about this more during the coming week.

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