The Returning was an amazing compilation of sound from heaven. Over twenty sharers testified to the Lord’s promises being given to them in our prayer watches. The Returning was like 2 Chronicles 5, at the dedication of the Temple when the priests and Levites became one and one sound was heard, and Acts 2, when the sound from heaven filled the house.

Each testimony followed with impartation prayer, so the Spirit of God was multiplying the glory of Jesus. We were all touched in worship, prayer, testimony, leading us to returning into His love, into His grace, and into His heart, again and again. I felt the Lord calling me from my broken places, my hidden places, and my lost places into His wholeness, into His completeness, and into His love. Conviction led to surrender and surrender into freedom.

Everyone brought a part of the Lord’s wholeness, their version of His vision. One sound but many voices. Like the sound of many waters, we drank from the river of life. This Wednesday we will continue with testimonies from the gathering and welcome all to come and bring their testimony of Jesus.

The Gathering is finished, so is Sukkot, but the work started has only begun. Join us, this Wednesday, for prayer and for miracles of His love.

All three sessions, and Sunday morning, are available to watch on demand. Click here.

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