Mansion Dwellers sounds regal. Not homeless or wanderers, not servants—but SONS living inside Christ!  Our mansion is in Christ—Inside His inheritance, in His resurrection. He prepared this place for each of us, unique for each member of His body. It was prepared for us before time began, in Christ. Before our Father, we stand holy without blame before Him in love.

To be a dweller we have to choose to occupy what has been given. We do this through prayer, as we behold in the Spirit the promises of God to us. Not information—we choose habitation. We meditate and enter into the sound, the sight, emotions, the entire imagery. We enter into the life inside the scriptures, inside of Christ, in the Holy Spirit.

We accept that we have been risen with Christ and therefore are to seek those things that are above where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Going there, through prayer in meditation beholding His glory, we set our affections for the things above and not earthly things. We are practicing being with Jesus. We accept that we died and our lives are hidden with Christ in God. And, we know that when Christ appears we shall appear with Him in glory.

Transformed by beholding His glory. From glory to glory we are changed by the Spirit of God. Together as members of Christ’s body, we are living stones, a holy habitation for God in the Spirit.  Dwelling in Christ inside our mansion makes us grow up into a habitation for God.

We cannot grow up into Christ, the Head, by ourselves. We need each other. We are not of this world just as Jesus was not of this world. We started Mansions to give support in our journeys into the Father’s Heart. I believe we are ready for a quantum leap into new glory. I want to share and have us enter into what God is revealing this Wednesday, at Mansions 6:00 pm, in the sanctuary and live online.

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