Now that Christmas has passed, we lift our eyes toward the new year. Since the beginning of the Jewish new year, last September, we have been given incredible words of life. Cindy Jacobs, Randy Nelson, Rod and Julie Anderson have seen and declared, “All things new, glory, open doors, propelling into realms of blessing and glory!” There has been so much spoken, and it’s manifesting in our services now.

Below is the word Randy gave us. Write down all words, impossible words, and declare them. Randy is an international prophet with an apostolic ministry in Thailand and Kenya.

Sit down and draw up your vision for next year. First quarter it’s going to be this. The second quarter it’s going to be this. However the Lord shows you to write everything down, even if its 40 or 50 or 100 things, line by line. Be sure to put in there the “impossible things”.

Write up those impossible things. The things that if God doesn’t do them, they won’t get done. Unless it happens miraculously, there’s no way on earth it’s going to happen. We aren’t testing the Lord, we are trying to cooperate with Him. He wants to do great and mighty things among you. He has decided that He wants to work through His people that He would voice out to His people the things that He wants to do, that He would use your voice and your breath. The things from the depth of your heart, you would breathe out the words and speak it out boldly, like Isaiah did. And, for some supernatural reason, because we have a supernatural God, He would accomplish it because He’s the God of the impossible. It’s not foolishness as some might say. It’s a very, very real thing.

Write every one down, line by line.

It’s a time of breakthrough. Pray in this season. It’s a different time than any time before. Pray them again. Remind the Lord. It’s time for things to come.

Write it down, as if it’s already happened.

This Wednesday, we will launch vision writing, declarations and decrees. We will set our eyes on the words we are are hearing and have heard, and declare them as our confession of hope.

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