Holy Spirit Christmas Celebration

December 14th at 6pm

I think we can all agree that if we could really, genuinely ask God for anything
we would ask Him for Himself. To hear Him speak to us, to be in His
presence, and to know Him are what we are seeking.

This Christmas, we are partnering with the longing that we believe the Lord
has put in our hearts. We are setting up stations in the church. Each station
will be unique, but each one will carry one purpose—to be a meeting place
between us and God.

Each station will represent an aspect of His nature; healing, love, generosity,
etc.  There will be a station of giving and receiving at the entrance of the
sanctuary. There will be a treasure chest with cash and yes, you guessed it,
that is for you to put money in or take it out. It’s free and generous because
that is the nature of God!
We will even have a table to put gifts or treats on, if you would like to bless
someone. Of course, no need to bring anything just take a treasure home with
you, if you like! It’s all free and for you.

Don’t forget that the Café will be serving hors d’oeuvres and dessert too.

Online-family, there will be a word from Pastor Steve and a prophetic team
just for you.

We are so excited to watch what the Lord does! Feel free to bring the whole
family and invite friends as they will not leave empty handed.



Cafe will be set up with beautiful charcuterie* for all to enjoy!
*Variety fruits, vegetables, cheeses, meats, crackers and much more.
Along with Christmas cookies and hot apple cider.