Wednesday – October 5th

Wednesday, October 5th 6:00 am till 6:00 pm: Prayer Watches in the Sanctuary during Yom Kippur. This will be a perfect day to join us and become a member of our watches. For more information, click here.

Wednesday, October 5th, 6:00 pm till 7:30 pm: Yom Kippur Communion Service, during Watchmen School. We will serve communion during worship, and then go into our Watchmen School (first Wednesday of every month) and practice boldness in entering, humility in approaching and reverence and godly fear in our serving. This is training for reigning in all aspects of life.

To watch the service live, click here.

Sunday – October 9th

Sunday, October 9th, 10:00 am: Worship Service. Feast of Tabernacles begins Sunday evening and continues for eight days. I will share “Holy Spirit River of Life”. A new outpouring of the Holy Spirit is upon us, how do we prepare? How do we come? Come thirsty.

To watch the service live, click here.