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25may6:30 pm- 8:00 pmFather's Heart Young Adults Group6:30 pm

29may9:15 am- 4:00 pmJubilee 5k Fundraiser/Memorial Day Picnic10:00 am


4jun10:20 am- 10:50 amJubilee Membership Class10:20 am

10jun10:00 am- 4:00 pmVictorious Women

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“Jesus is going to appear in His Church before He appears for His Church.”

– Steve Dittmar



Intimacy is Victory

In-to-me-I-see. This is an easy way to remember the simplest of values of intimacy. The ability to see into someone else. We don't give this access to anyone, or at least we shouldn't. Our thoughts, secrets, hopes, and disappointments are for those we love and trust....
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Worshipping Jesus in the Encounter

When the Lord reveals Himself, there is to be worship. We respond to God completing ourselves by emptying ourselves in worship.  When the Lamb appears on the throne and takes the scroll, there comes worship Revelation 5. In the worship of the Lamb more revelation...
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Nothing Can Separate Us

We are joined to God in the love of Christ. Jesus came and identified fully with us, becoming our sin for us. Now, in His resurrection, we are learning to fully identify with Him in His justification, glorification, and love. To do so is easier when we understand the...
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Fast Forward into Glory

Imagine what it would feel like if you could rid yourself of every encumbering thought and emotions that lock up your soul in internal struggles. Then continue to imagine your life totally uncluttered from the debris of yesterday, mishaps, misfortunes and failures....
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The Forgiven Forgive-Them

Easter Services were glorious this weekend with such a strong presence of God in the worship, in His worshippers, and in His word. At the end of the 11 am service, Diana Anderson began to sing something like "I'm forgiven so I forgive-them," and I heard "Forgiven...
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