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“Jesus is going to appear in His Church before He appears for His Church.”

– Steve Dittmar



From a Moabite to an Israelite

Imagine yourself a young Moabite woman living amongst your own people, in your own land, when this strange family moves into your village. They are from the land of Israel, from a small village called Bethlehem. They have strange customs and beliefs. You feel...
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You Shall be Called Hephzibah and Your Land Beulah

Imagine a late night—strangers have been brought home by your father as you and your sister listen to the mob outside your house. The strangers disperse the mob. But now, they are telling your father he must get all his family and leave immediately for God was going...
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Why We Dwell in Mansions

Mansion Dwellers sounds regal. Not homeless or wanderers, not servants—but SONS living inside Christ!  Our mansion is in Christ—Inside His inheritance, in His resurrection. He prepared this place for each of us, unique for each member of His body. It was prepared for...
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Living by Grace

“By grace we are saved through faith and that not of ourselves” the scriptures teach us. It is how we live, are healed and delivered and prosper. By grace through faith... Living by grace is the fruit of our faith. Grace comes through faith. Salvation, healing, and...
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Jesus Joy

Jesus was able to endure through joy. Joy is our strength in testings; and Jesus joy is ours to keep. When Jesus was preparing His disciples for His departure, He told of His leaving as a cause of sorrow, but that their sorrow would be turned into joy.  He then made a...
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