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“Jesus is going to appear in His Church before He appears for His Church.”

– Steve Dittmar


When the Day of Pentecost had Fully Come

I am so excited about Sunday! Pentecost Sunday, or Shavuot in Hebrew, are this Sunday and I am expecting! Why? Well for one, both Christian Pentecost and Jewish Shavuot are celebrated on the same day this year—May 20th! I am so excited because, as we celebrate the...

The Coronation of Jesus as High Priest

We are approaching the Feast of Shavuot, known in the church as Pentecost. In Judaism, it is the celebration of Moses giving the law. For Christians, it is the celebration of Jesus giving the Holy Spirit. In both, it is also the celebration of the beginning of the...

Receiving Power for the Hour

Paul prayed for the church to receive all that Jesus had obtained in His resurrection and glorification. He prayed for revelation and illumination to be filled with God and pleasing to God. Paul prayed and even travailed for Christ to be formed fully in all His...

The Riches of the Glory of His Inheritance in Us

What is the first fruit of inheritance? It’s trust. Some portions of inheritances are even called “Trust Funds.” In Christ, we are His inheritance and He is ours. He has been appointed heir of all things; and He is dividing the spoils among the strong. Sonship is...

Who Are You?

If you know who you are, God can put you wherever He wants. If you don’t, you have to stay put. Identity in Christ gives God freedom to send us anywhere He chooses. Identity outside of Christ, limits His options. Why? Because we will get lost on the journey. The good...

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