Steve Dittmar

About the Author

Steve Dittmar is a friend of God, who loves God deeply and endeavors to do life His (God’s) way. Steve’s apostolic calling is to teach God’s children to fully possess their inheritance in Jesus Christ.

Steve and his wife Cammy have 5 children and 7 grandchildren and together are the Senior Leaders of Jubilee Church in Camarillo, CA: a House of Prayer for All Nations.

“I owe my salvation to the Father who gave us His Son and gave us His word, for without His word I would not know His Son.”

That I May Know Him

Letting you in on a secret…
I discovered this secret through years of approaching God’s Word in unproductive ways: including memorizing it to try to “do” or perform the Word rather than letting it take hold of me. I was holding God hostage—putting Him in my debt (ugh!)—to His promises (based on my understanding, not His sovereignty). Through all my failed human efforts to force God’s Word to conform to MY limited understanding, He has been long-suffering (patient) and never let me go.

Because He can only ever be good, He eventually broke through my limited understanding and presumption, and let me in on the most liberating secret ever: I can experience and celebrate His Word by the Spirit before I ever see it come to pass in the natural. What this means is that I can enjoy every promise He’s made before it happens, just because He made it, and He will bring it to fruition! By letting the Holy Spirit bring me inside the Word, like entering into a movie I’m watching, I can begin to learn His heart towards us through His Son. I can begin to discover His overarching plan and how it miraculously connects from beginning to end.

Whatever! I Win! will empower the reader to stop trying and start flying. By the time you are nearing the end of the book, you will enthusiastically be inviting God into your circumstances, rather than begging Him to get you out!

“I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back.” – Philippians 3:14 MSG

Whatever I Win!

Redemption: deliverance; rescue; repurchase; atonement. It means the debt is gone, the captivity is over. What if I actually believed what Jesus did for me is truly a done deal? That is was enough? How will my perspective on the things that happen to me here and now change?

Whatever! I Win! is the Believer’s version of How To Survive Almost Anything. In his latest book, author Steve Dittmar serves as a guide through life’s unpredictable circumstances. Through his own experience as one following hard after God, he shares how God took him and his church from obscurity to revival, and back to obscurity, so that above all, Steve (and his congregation) could learn that overcoming is the work of God, not of ourselves.

“And they overcame him [the devil] by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.” – Revelation 12:11

Steve addresses some tough questions: “Why doesn’t my life line-up with what I believe about God?” “What happened to those promises over my life?” “Why does trying harder, believing more, praying and fasting, seem to take me further away from those promises at times?” “Why should I believe You God, when You don’t answer my prayers the way I think You should?” “Why am I still encountering so much warfare, when the Cross is a finished work?”

Saved Your Seat

What if you didn’t have to die to see heaven? What if heaven already has a place for you, now, while you’re still living on the earth? In October 2011, while still very much alive, Steve was taken up to heaven and found himself in the presence of Almighty God! This was just the beginning. For the next five months he would be taken up repeatedly, where he would have divine encounters with God. There, Steve experienced true friendship with His Creator, discovering that regardless of our best successes or worst failures, God has indeed “saved our seat” in His Presence! Saved Your Seat, written by Steve Dittmar, pastor of Jubilee Church in Camarillo, CA, chronicles Steve’s thirty-five year journey to “bring God’s Kingdom to earth,” only to discover that God would rather we dwell “where He is; in the completed work of His Son.” What God wants of us…is Friendship. In the candid re-telling of his journey, we experience the familiar expectation, excitement, pain, loss, resurrection and joy of a man “following hard after God.” 

“Forgiveness is central because everything flows out of forgiveness, and in forgiveness. This is how God has chosen to know us and how we know one another.”

A River of His Forgiveness

The old covenant was based on observance, whereas the New Covenant is based on experience. In A River of His Forgiveness , we take a journey from the inner struggle of observance into the freedom and joy of experience. Our transformation, of letting go of whatever has bound us into a people of complete abandonment to His love, is only experienced in Christ’s forgiveness.

We, the Body of Christ have endured distress in our lives long enough. We have now stepped into a move of Holy Spirit’s demonstration of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ touching deep places in our lives to remove the burdens of trauma. The triumph of Christ is being staked at the center of our hearts where pain once ruled.

The forgiveness of Jesus is so comprehensive that all contentions must now bow to His completed generosity. Where loss has become our gain, His forgiveness provides His generosity through grace. The only entrance to this place in Jesus is accepting this grace.

There once was a man who saw what God wanted to do. He saw it so clearly. He knew what God wanted to do …

A Speckle From God

There once was a man who saw what God wanted to do. He saw it so clearly. He knew what God wanted to do. Actually, it was only a speckle of what God wanted to do, but he stared at is so long, it became all that God wanted to do…so begins the journey a man who saw what God wanted to do and the speckle of God. This allegory given on the morning December 5th, 2001 as Steve Dittmar sat in a prayer meeting writing non-stop for two and half hours. Not knowing where the story was going, but as the story unfolded seeing glimmerings of many experiences lived along with others he loved. The story was given allegorically and almost comically our shared the plight and process of beholding God, responding like the devil, then after having suffered a while – sometimes a long while – becoming securely established in His all embracing, all-encompassing love.