“Christmas Wonders” at Jubilee.

Wednesday, December 18th!

Free dinner at 6:00pm, “Worship, Wonder, and Awe” Service at 7:00pm.

Join us at Jubilee on Wednesday, December 18th for a fun, fabulous, family Christmas time unlike any other we have had!

It will be FUN— with laughter, singing, and lots of “jolly”, just like Christmas.

It will be filled with WONDER–as childlike faith explores heavenly realms of Christmas. It will be the First Advent and the Second Advent, all coming together into one glorious transformation. 

It will be Worship, Wonder, and Awe!

I imagine portals in heaven opening up into encounters of the Holy Spirit… where He comes upon us, overshadows us, and we experience Christ’s power in and upon His Church.

I see angels all around us, announcing His birth NOW, in His Church.

I see homes being healed as He rests inside our hearts.

I see lives brightening, eyes opening… as the worship, encounters, and exchanges take place.


This will be a night of GREAT gift exchanges! Not the white elephant kind, but the Christ- likeness kind, as we receive great gifts being given by Jesus, prepared for each one of us.

Open your heart and arms WIDE to receive ALL that God the Father lavished on Jesus, now given to each one of us. Expect gifts upon gifts from Jesus, through the Holy Spirit, to be personally bestowed upon YOU!

COME to this night filled with WONDER, as our childlike faith explores heavenly realms of Christmas, together as one.

Hope to see you there.

May we never lose our wonder….