Guest Speaker: Pastor Karl Schneider


Join us on Sunday, June 2nd, at 9 am as we are SENT FORTH in the POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT! 


Pastor Karl Phillippe Schneider speaks into the lives of many believers with the power of the Holy Spirit and the abounding love of God, manifested with signs and wonders following!

Anointed for Multiplication to fulfill the Great Commission and passionate about revival and reconciliation, Pastor Schneider is   a gifted church planter and minister in several nations across Europe including Germany, Poland, Ukraine, France, Belgium and others. Pastor Karl’s exceptional gifting as an interpreter (fluent in 4 languages) makes him commonly sought after to interpret in many conventions and conferences throughout Europe. As a sign of Holy Spirit’s favor on the churches, they have been unified and routinely cooperate in their services throughout the year, demonstrating the loving unity that Jesus desires in His Bride. His own church sends out missionaries to Asia, Europe, USA, and Latin America.

Pastor Karl is also anointed to identify people in their callings and send them out to fulfill the call of God on their lives! A third-generation pastor whose passion for Jesus and His Word has propelled him into excellency above his years of experience, Pastor Karl has planted numerous churches in Stuttgart, Berlin and Magdeburg, Germany. He currently lives in Magdeburg Germany with his wife, Claudia, and 3 children: Annabelle, Rafael and Efraim. He heads up the Pastors’ Alliance across Magdeburg, extending the boundaries to all churches calling on the name of Jesus.

Please join us to receive a fresh baptism of Holy Spirit fire and love to fulfill the Great Commission!