Tent of Meeting Prayer Gathering

Come gather together to prayer and wait on the Lord – All are welcome.

Our future is inside of inheritance and can never be lost.

Jubilee was the year of freedom and fulfillment, through the sounding of freedom! Like our nation declared independence from tyranny on the 4th of July, we proclaim liberty to all in the atonement of Christ. This is liberty into our inheritance given to us in Christ. We don’t start over—we start forward.

For this summer, I would like to invite you for 90 minutes of prayer on the second Wednesday of each month from 4:00 to 5:30 pm in the Sanctuary. We will set chairs in a circle, so we can all hear, share and pray. I want to share each time, for a few minutes, on what the Lord is showing us in this season of change.

This will be a tent of meeting time, like Moses’ tent of meeting. Recalibrating us into our sonship with purpose, praying and sharing together what we are hearing.

Our first gathering will be next Wednesday July 11th. Please feel free to invite anyone. The Lord has made known to us His desire to bring many into His presence behind the veil, as we wait for Him. One thing I have learned is that when I am in Him everything is good.

I have been sharing, on Instagram and Facebook, my discoveries on waiting on the Lord for a new experience with Christ to see the glory of the Lord. I am about 3 weeks into this. This is enabling me to share my discoveries as they unfold and hopefully help any of us in our seeking time. It’s here that the Lord has shown me so much about sonship with purpose, being known by name, and our calling in His purpose. We are not slaves seeking acceptance but well-loved sons alive in His purpose for us.