Discover Jesus in the Feast


During the Feasts – Trumpets, Atonement, and Tabernacles, we are going to discover Jesus in each Feast. Jesus is the fulfillment of every Feast in the Bible. The Feasts were shadows of things to come and now the body is Christ. Seven Feasts—the first four have been demonstrated on earth in Christ.

Passover – His death

Unleavened Bread – Our new life

Firstfruits – His resurrection    

Pentecost – His coronation and gift of the Holy Spirit

All these have been witnessed in history, the last three will be fully seen in Jesus Christ on earth as it is in heaven. Seeing Jesus is our entrance into His fulness as we awaken in His image, receive fully His High Priestly ministry, worship the King in His fulfillment and faithfulness as He brings us through the wilderness into full maturity in His promises.



  • Wednesday, September 13th, 6:00 pm: Christ in the Feasts, an overview and fulfillment – entering all that the Father has accomplished in the Son.
  • Sunday, September 17th: Feast of Trumpets – the Trump of the Lord! Awakening to the sound of His voice. Feast of Trumpets begins Sundown September 16th.
  • Wednesday, September 20th: Preparing our hearts to accept the fulness of Atonement in Christ. Who is this our High Priest? Atonement begins at Sundown on September 24th. Corporate Prayer
  • Sunday, September 24th: Coming Boldly into the Holiest of Holies in His blood, through His veil, with Christ our High Priest over us.
  • Wednesday, September 27th: The Lordship of Christ in bringing all into His fulness of His body who fills all in all. Feast of Tabernacles begins at  Sundown on September 29th and ends on October 7th.
  • Sunday, October 1st Feast of Tabernacles Feast! After service All church lunch!
  • Wednesday, October 4thNight of Worship!

We will follow the Spirit as we discover Jesus. This tentative schedule is subject to change as we enter what the Lord has prepared for us.