Union with God in Christ

ATONEMENT – during the Feast of Tabernacles Thursday through Saturday, September 23rd through 25th. This gathering may be the most strategic gathering we have held in many years. Not because of who is coming but because of WHO we will behold in Spirit and Truth. The Lord Jesus Christ called under God to be High Priest over us according to the order of Melchizedek. We know Christ in the Passover as Salvation from sin and slavery. We know Christ in Pentecost as Lord and Savior baptizer in the Holy Spirit. At the end of days and the church’s maturity, we will know Christ in the Atonement as High Priest according to the order of Melchizedek.
God is shaking all nations for them to come to the Desire of All Nations Jesus Christ seen in His Temple – His body – His church, IN GLORY!
The full atonement for Israel happened once a year as the high priest made sacrifice first for himself, then the nation and the holiest, giving Israel a united relationship to God through the high priest’s ministry. One man entered for all men. Jesus, our High Priest, entered once forever and perfected forever all who are sanctified.
We will worship together and behold Jesus in His glory together. And be transformed from glory to glory.

Guest speaker Larry Napier. Larry Napier is the founder of “Rediscovery of the Heart Institute.” Larry has been a student of “beholding the glorified Christ” as He is revealed throughout the Scriptures. His beholding in the meditation of the Scriptures and their Hebrew meaning have brought him into rich revelation and experiences with Jesus. Larry teaches that to truly understand the meaning of any word, the heart must first have a picture of its meaning. As we allow God to cause us to “SEE” His Word, we then begin to experience and encounter its richness and truth. And as we behold the glorified Jesus, we are transformed.

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