The Final Approach

A Prophetic Passion Week Play 

A three year mission is about to culminate in a moment of LOVE that will alter history forever. A man, a God, a world changer is making His passionate purpose clear in the last week of his brief life on earth. His prophesied destiny and pivotal mission is about to reach its apex. Join us as we walk with Jesus through Passion Week, as He makes his triumphant, Final Approach. . . For YOU.

ONE story. . .Three separate plays. 

ACT 1 – We will witness the recounting of the Triumphal Entry with the donkey’s owners; watch as the temple money changer sues for damages for his overturned tables; hear the testimony of a blind girl healed by Jesus; and experience the tension and freedom of the moment when Mary anoints Jesus’ feet at a dinner party.

ACT 2 – Recounting the scenes of Jesus’ final teachings before His trial and death.  Experience the Board Room where Jesus’ every word and action is being scrutinized and contested by the authorities; hear testimony of the evil servant who forgot to keep watch; see the soap opera of the virgins invited to the Royal Wedding; meet the servant who hosted the Passover meal for Jesus and his disciples; encounter the disciples as they grapple with the confusion of Jesus’ last dissertation; and watch the news report of the Garden of Gethsemane, just before Jesus’ arrest.

ACT 3 – Narrated by John the Beloved as he writes on the Isle of Patmos — begins with the glorious resurrection of Christ and the discovery of the empty tomb as recounted by Mary and her friends. Next, we’ll walk with the 2 guys from Emmaus’ Pizza Delivery Service; celebrate with the disciples who got to see their beloved Jesus again; watch Thomas’ process from unbelief to prophetic declaration; and finally, have coffee with Peter while he tells of his breakfast on the beach with the risen Lord.

Each of the three plays will be interactive, as Pastor Steve invites us into heart encounters with Christ following each scene.  

If you’d like to get an idea what this might look and feel like, you can go back and watch our Crazy Prophetic Christmas Play here:


Speaker: Steve Dittmar
Speaker: Steve Dittmar
Speaker: Steve Dittmar