Hearing the Voice of God and Living

Read and meditate on: John 5:24-30; 11:38-44; Romans 4:17-25

The voice of the Son of God gives life to those who hear. The voice of the Lord raises the dead, as it did Lazarus and as it did Abraham. Resurrection life is the glory of God.

When we enter into His presence and hear His voice, life is given, as it was to Abraham and as it was to Lazarus. One was a physical resurrection and another was life to deadness of his body and Sarah’s womb.

How is John 5’s promise seen in both Lazarus resurrection and Abraham’s promise fulfillment?

Why is the voice of God paramount in bringing life to the dead?

Abraham found this faith in whose presence?

What two attributes of God are experienced in His presence?

Meditate on: Romans 4:17 through until “This is was imputed to him (Abraham) as righteousness.

Enter into this entire description as something that happened over and over again as Abraham entered into God’s Presence.

How does that change, or not change, these verses and how you saw Abraham entering into completed faith?

His voice brings life (Resurrection life) and life is God’s glory. His voice brings life and life is His glory.

Faith is for today. Hope is for tomorrow. Today, if you hear His voice do not harden your heart. Why?

Enjoy glory in His presence in His life in His voice.

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