Jesus was the most connected praying man to ever walk on earth. Not since Adam (before his fall) has there ever been a man who lived in vital union and communion with God. Everyday Jesus met with His Father, in the Spirit, in prayer. He would rise early, stay up late, and pray throughout the day. Jesus knew where His strength came from. It came from the Father, working in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit, activated by prayer.

Here are 5 secrets to Jesus’ amazing prayer life:

Secret #1 Jesus prayed everyday! Jesus’ life was founded in prayer—not the ritual, but the relationship. He calibrated Himself everyday with His Father. His identity was found in His worship of God.

Secret #2 Jesus withdrew to pray. Jesus knew that prayer was His alone time with the Father. He withdrew often into the wilderness to pray. Prayer can be fostered in the most desolate of places that becomes our door into Paradise.

Secret #3 Jesus was intimate in prayer “Abba Father.” Jesus was intimate with His Father as God—in worship, service, word, love, and glory. Jesus abided in the Father and His words abided in Jesus in prayer.

Secret #4 Jesus prayed to see and hear the Father. Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing and only spoke what He heard the Father speaking. Imagine seeing and hearing God in everything.

Secret #5 Jesus practiced prayer creating places of prayer. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus often prayed while in Jerusalem. On the night of His arrest, inside the Garden, He came to “the place.” There, He asked His disciples to stay and pray. He then went a little further and fell on the ground and prayed. When He finished, 3 hours later,  Judas knew where to lead the soldiers to arrest Him.

Jesus prayed everyday, withdrawing from the world around Him. Jesus was intimate in prayer and was able to see and hear the Father. Jesus built altars of prayer in His practice of prayer. Everyday, by Himself, intimate with His Father, seeing, hearing and building, Jesus, the man, prayed and He prevailed.

To be inspired and illuminated in the practice of Jesus’ own prayer life, read the gospel of Luke.

A heavenly invasion has arrived from Bangkok, Thailand! Today, a team led by Pastor Poomwanetr, from Praise Church, in the heart of Bangkok, has just arrived in LAX and they are carrying His glory. They will be with us Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is going to be huge!

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