“And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.” (James 5:18)


The Lord wants to “smear” prayer over us so it becomes more than a self-effort prayer. It becomes, rather, the help from heaven prayer! Desperation will put us there, because desperation is just as much of the activation as delight and desire.

Let’s pray together:

We come now into agreement with you and Your workings. We acknowledge  today that You are God of heaven and earth—the creator of heaven and earth. That You are the Redeemer of all mankind through Jesus Christ.

We acknowledge and want to say today:

Every situation in our life is inside of your hand and purpose.

Nothing can snatch us out of Your hand. Therefore, all that has come upon us, or we’ve walked through or we’ve endured, or that we are struggling with today… We say:

“Our circumstances are inside of God, His hand and His purpose. We command, now, these circumstances to be inside of God. We command our minds to come back in truth: That our life is inside of God and not
outside. We are inside. He’s inside. So now Lord, behold the threats—the real threats against us. And grant to us that with all boldness we may make Your word known by Your stretching forth Your hand to heal. And that signs and wonders be done in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ.”

Lord Jesus, somehow, in some way, we are in one accord, in one place. It doesn’t have to be physically, theologically, or doctrinally. It just has to be the like passion and the moment of truth.

In the next couple of weeks, the Lord will recalibrate us, so that somehow,in some way, we are in one accord, in one place. It doesn’t have to be physically, theologically, or doctrinally. It just has to be the like passion and the moment of truth.

Apostolic Gift:
So Lord, I give away (and the angels give away the big bowl of oil) the anointing of prayer. I give away the ability to find God in impossible moments. I give away the ability to find satisfaction in the ability of God. I give away the intimacy. I give away the ability to enter in and come into the heavens and see the face of God. I give away  hope and joy. I give away the God of hope that fills me with joy and peace by making me believe that I can abound in hope through the power of Holy Spirit.

Holy Spirit, I ask You, as You have been given to the earth through Jesus Christ by His death, burial and resurrection, come again upon us as a people. Start us in a moment of intimacy. Awaken us again in prayer. Let us return to You. Let us be as Elijah, recognizing that it’s time for the drought to end and I’m going to pray again. I’m going to believe again. Believe again; pray again and end the drought…

So, I give this out now. Angels pour it all out, the holy anointing oil. Beloved, receive it now, let the anointing oil fall!

Respond to your first Love…Jesus.

So Lord, I give away (and the angels give away the big bowl of oil) I bless you with that fresh anointing of prayer again.

Upcoming Events

Prayer focus leading to Feast of Tabernacles, September 4th-18th: We have set these days to pray fervently (Acts 4:21-33) in preparation for the Feast of Tabernacles and our conference “Heavenly Calling Realms of Glory.” Three ways you can join us:

1. Renew your prayer life by entering deliberately into times of prayer daily.

2. Dedicate a meeting you lead to prayer for the coming Holy Spirit (Acts 4:21-33).

3. Join us in the Sanctuary (Monday-Thursday 2-3 pm) for corporate prayer as well as Monday night, September 9th, 7-8:30 pm, and Wednesday night, September 11th, 7-8:30 pm.

Wednesday, September 4, 7PM: Join us as we enter into the New Year! Rosh Hashanah! Bring your shofars, trumpets, kazoos, anything that makes noise. Mack and Cathy will be sharing on the meaning of Rosh Hashanah.

Saturday, September 7, 10AM: Jubilee Warrior Forces Gathering in the Sanctuary. All JWF members are asked to attend if possible.

Sunday, September 8, 9AM: Richard and Christina Woldum will be ministering on “Obedience: the Place of Power.” During this time of prayer leading up to Feast of Tabernacles, hearing the Lord’s voice and doing what we see the Father doing is a key in entering into power.

Sunday, September 8, 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations. We have set all the nations involved in the current Syrian and Egyptian crisis for focused prayer and decree. Join us as we pray “His kingdom come, His will be done.” (Click here to view September prayer schedule.)

Sunday, September 8, 11AM: I will be sharing “The Place of Power in Place of Fear.” When we pray, the place we are praying from will be shaken, and power comes in place of fear. Holy Spirit is brooding over us in this time of prayer; it’s time to receive.

Heavenly Calling Realms of Glory conference, September 18-21st: Register today (click here) so we can pray for you. This conference will be the crescendo of prayer and discovery. We are eagerly anticipating the Lord revealing Himself in a new way. The wave of prayer and the brooding of the Holy Spirit and His glory revealed.

Grace and shalom,


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