Prayer is coming to God. Prayer is coming to God with words. In Jesus, prayer has been elevated beyond anything our imaginations can see. In Christ, with Holy Spirit power inside, there is unlimited glory to experience. So, where do we start? Hebrews 10:19-23 is a short and concise path into glory, freedom and fulfillment.

In the blood, we come with all the boldness of our atonement. We are accepted in the Beloved, redeemed through His blood (the forgiveness of sins), and we approach God through the justification given to us.

Through the new and living way Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the veil we pass through. He is the way the truth and the life. We come into the holiest of holies through Christ. Picture a door we walk through into the holiest of holies; that is Christ.

There is a high priest over the house of God. Jesus greets us in His glorious High Priestly order. He is over us, and appears in the presence of God over us, so that God only sees Him. However, we can approach God through Him since He is ever living to make intercession (bringing His inheritance) over us. What He does for us, He does over us, and what we receive with Him, we receive in union.

We approach God with a true heart and in full assurance of faith. Now we can talk freely. We can bring our heart’s condition to God’s attention, through words, sharing honestly our heart’s condition. We can bring our hearts forward with the truths of God. The important thing is, that we are here by Jesus, accepted in Jesus and that faith is our assurance. So much freedom comes through this truth.

Our hearts are sprinkled from an evil conscience. The shame or blame and tinge of guilt or accusation, are addressed again by His blood. Our hearts are sprinkled from an evil conscience. Our conscience again is clean, free from all sin and dead works.

Our bodies are washed with pure water. The word of God is brought forward by Jesus Christ as He washes us, sanctifying and cleansing us, through His word. Our future is spoken in His word, our future is brilliant in Christ, and hope comes alive.

Holding fast our confession of hope, without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. The promises that have been given to us by the power of the Holy Spirit as He reveals Jesus to us, are our confession of hope. What He is going to do, what we will become and all the Father’s self-committal of Himself to bring us into His divine nature, these are our confession of hope. This is where prayer turns into an adventure, as we rehearse in His hearing, the glories of His words that have been spoken to us.

Try taking your Bible and praying each of these highlighted truths. Give time for each to be pondered, listened too and experienced. Don’t rush. The truth will make you free, the Spirit of God will bear witness to the truth, the power of God will demonstrate the truth, and before you are fully aware, you will experience the truth in Christ. Turning to Him, He smiles, and He heals.

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