When I moved my residency from earth to heaven and from my circumstances into Christ, Ephesians One became a road map into my new home and identity. The promises of God that had launched my pilgrimage, leaving me a stranger on the earth, now became vibrantly alive inside Christ. Fellowship with Christ in the presence behind the veil became a celebration of God’s hope and faithfulness in Christ. I found everything pertaining to life and godliness is in Christ, in the experience of His calling us through glory and virtue.

Here are seven simple truths in Ephesians 1:3-14, that transferred my citizenship and gave me my new identity. I have been given; and I am inside Christ:

  1. Every Spiritual blessing in Heavenly Places in Christ.
  2. In Him we are holy and without blame before God in love.
  3. Adopted as sons to God Himself by Jesus Christ, we are accepted in the Beloved.
  4. In Him we are redeemed through His blood, the forgiveness of sins, in the riches of His grace.
  5. Know God’s will, that in the fulness of time we will all gathered into one in Christ.
  6. To an inheritance predestined according to the purpose of God who works all things according to His will.
  7. We are Trusting to praise His glory, sealed by the Holy Spirit, until the fulness of our redemption.


These may sound far too lofty to help in a crisis we are going through but given to God in worship and meditation they become truth’s sanctification, delivering us from the evil one. Take each verse read it to the Father, accepting the truth revealed, allowing His impression to fill our souls, and over time these truths become our perfect peace.

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