We have praised for seven days…now what?

After seven days of praise, what’s next? More praise expanded praise. I would love to hear your testimonies of what the Lord has shown and done for you during this last week of praise. You can simply reply to this email, and it will get to me. For me, in this last week, my praise grew, my faith became fresh, and I entered His rest and into His word with expectancy.

While asking the Lord for what was next, I heard the Father say in effect, “Add to your praise, REJOICING, PRAYER, and THANKSGIVING!’

REJOICE ALWAYS – Joy is the greatest resistance against testing, for it releases strength to perfection in our patience. You may have already experienced His joy breaking forth this last week, but now we will enter into “rejoicing always.” Joy in praise is power in praise. The old phrase, “If the devil can’t take your joy, he can’t keep your stuff,” is still true today.

Add to your praise – Joy!

PRAY WITHOUT CEASING – Prayer in praise is taking His word, His promises, our confession, and fueling our faith with jet fuel. Praise supercharges our prayers, and they will often enlarge into prophecies and declarations. Prayer will become praise and praise prayer, and the two become one in faith and exaltation of the Lord and His word.

Add to your praise – Prayer!

IN EVERYTHING GIVE THANKS – Thanksgiving undoes trauma, drama, and despondency because it places us into God’s sovereignty, majesty, and dominion. In everything, we give thanks, which brings everything in truth into God’s working, blessing, and His outcome. He has an end intended that is full of compassion and mercy in all testing, trials, and temptations. Thanksgiving hastens the reward.

Add to your praise – Thanksgiving!

Seven more days of praise, rejoicing always, praying continually, and in everything giving thanks, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for us! 1 Thessalonians 5: 16-18

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