First of all, I want you to please do something. Would you just stop and imagine yourself experiencing, “sitting inside of your life”. It’s just you, your heart, your home, just how you are about you. In a moment, I want you to say, Jesus is Lord. Say it three times. You are saying it into your entire being—spirit, soul, and body, with your conflicted emotions, struggles, troubles, sickness or whatever. It is just you.

Say Jesus is Lord three times:

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Now, take inventory, or become aware of your life. This now does affect family, friends, business, work, dreams, disasters, nightmares, captivity, bankruptcy, death, wealth, purpose, legacy—everything that is connected to you.

Become aware of the whole thing, not just the good stuff. Once you become aware, step inside of that place, as an act that you are standing inside of “this is my life. I am inside of my life”.

Think of like you are drawing a big circle around everything—family, money, life and future. Just step in and stand up inside of your life—Inside of the life around you.

From here say Jesus is Lord three more times. Simply allow the sound of Jesus is Lord to come forth again.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

This might be a stretch for some of us, but would you now step into the world. Step into Northern Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Miramar—warring’s, contending’s. See the war. Step inside of the world as this is happening. The unraveling and fears of America. Once again, say three times Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is Lord.

Now as you are here, just step back inside of yourself just you—the little boy or the girl. You may be an adult, but still really just a little boy or girl. I want you to say, I know Jesus and Him crucified, three times.

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

Now, let’s step back once more, into our own personal world—the personal place that holds all that concerns us personally—lineage, heritage, all of that.

Again, please repeat this three times from here:

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

Now, back in the big world of seven billion+ people in all the nations and all their movements and struggles. Once more, say it from here:

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

I know Jesus and Him crucified.

I know Jesus and Him crucified. Amen

What we have done here, is that we have preached Paul’s gospel. Paul said, in 1Corinthians:

2 For I determined not to know anything among you except Jesus Christ and Him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:2

Then in 2 Corinthians 4, he said:

5 For we do not preach ourselves, but Christ Jesus the Lord, and ourselves your bondservants for Jesus’ sake 2 Corinthians 4:5

So, the preaching was the Lordship-resurrection. The knowing, an experience that brought forth that sound the resurrection, was a crucifixion.

He understood the conformity to death so that the sound of resurrection could break forth. This is a simple thought—Jesus is Lord! This is the answer to everything that is contending against anything. And, we are servants for his sake.

I was really struck by the follow Me. Peter’s first command from Jesus’ introduction was, “Come follow Me and I’ll make you become”. In the last word’s he heard Jesus speak to him was, “What is that to you? You follow me.”

For a whole year now, the prophetic sound has been the thought about believing and about following, walking with your Lord. He doesn’t ask you to perform, He simply asks you to follow.

I had many encounters on the word follow. Recently the Lord opened up the Scripture and I had time to just explore and enjoy this. I found this word that I think many of you who have walked in any length of time with Jesus will love. Here is the journey in one verse:

32 Now they were on the road, going up to Jerusalem, and Jesus was going before them; and they were amazed. And as they followed they were afraid. Then He took the twelve aside again and began to tell them the things that would happen to Him: Mark 10:32

Jesus going before us is amazing! Our following Jesus is frightening! I tell Jesus that He is amazing but once I get onto the road with Him, I’m in a panic. I melt and I deflate.

Today is Memorial Day. My wife, Cammy and I were sitting down talking when the Lord began to talk to me about Memorial Day and about its connection for us this Pentecost Sunday.

Forty years ago, in 1975, the Vietnam War ended. When Saigon fell, there was no more war. I’m going to say to you, that I do not speak as a Veteran or someone who could have been a soldier. If the war had not ended in 1975, or more importantly if the draft had not ended in 1973, I would probably be a Canadian.

This is because my father grew up in Nazi Germany while Germany was coming out of deep depression that had been in place through World War 1, with many restrictions.

Adolf Hitler began to bring prosperity to the land, he began the Youth Movements. His mother was always seeking for him to be with the German Youth Party and she would say, “No, no, no.” He was just a young man, of seventeen years, about the last year of the war where he had to enlist. The reason he had to enlist was that either you would be enlisting or be drafted. And all the draftees were becoming foot soldiers sent to the front lines. So if you at least enlisted, you had a chance of maybe doing something different or safer. He became part of the anti-aircraft artillery group.

After the war, he stayed in Munich. His aunt, Vera, had been a movie star in Germany and married another movie star here in Hollywood. As Hitler began to rise up in power, he wanted her to star in his movies and she wasn’t a believer of that. So then she came here because she was married, and she stayed through the duration of the war. They wanted her to star in movies in America but she wouldn’t do that because they only wanted to put her in a derogatory image of Germany. I did her funeral at Forest Lawn about fifteen years ago, so she could be buried next to her husband in a very secluded place in the lawn.

Anyway, after the war, she helped my grandmother and my father’s sister to immigrate. My father stayed in Munich and did his studies to become a doctor. After he finished his studies, he came to America and went to Pasadena where he did his residency. This is where he met my mom. She had come through a different channel through WW2. Her parents met in China. Her mother had come from America, as a missionary and her father had come from England as a banker. They were in Shanghai where they met. She was teaching Chemistry in Mandarin. They met, they married and had two daughters less than two years apart. The war broke out and when the Japanese invaded Shanghai, they had gotten the girls onto a boat with the mother and gotten to London into a boarding school and when the war started increasing
with the bombing London, they moved into Canada.

So my mom grew up in Canada in a boarding school for the duration of the war. And then about when she was about seventeen, she went down to Pasadena College and studied Nursing and graduated. Now she was working at the hospital where my father was doing his residency. They met and got married and we were a growing family. Pacific Palisades is where we were living until I was in the 3rd grade, till I was ten, then we moved to Ventura. By this time, I was graduating high school in ’75 and the war was really growing.

Cammy and I have always talked about the fact that we are kind of like the end of the Baby Boomers. So, we are Idealists without ever being Realists. This is good and bad because an Idealist will often carry ideas far beyond practicality.

By the time most of the yippies and hippies were turning into yuppies, we were still vowed to poverty for God’s glory because we had disconnected from materialism in that fashion.

So, the war is happening. My father is saying, “I don’t want this for my children,” so we went up to Canada a number of times to look for a new place to work. I don’t know exactly if the door wasn’t open or that there were not enough signs to ebb, so we remained here and I graduated in 1975.

So here are some things that have been coming to me strongly for a long time, but increasing in the last couple of months. It’s something I discovered by the Spirit. I then went to the internet and Wikipedia to confirm my source at least twice, in order to show something that I see in the natural that will help us, understand what will come into the spiritual. I do not know anything about that kind of war. I have all respect and value for those who do.

Cammy wore one those MIA bracelets while she was in Junior High. We stopped by the Vietnam War Memorial Wall that came to Ventura. It was hard to walk on the ground because of the impact of the sorrow
and grief in a war that just went horribly wrong in the hearts of America. It’s a deep, deep wound.

So, here’s what I found out and I want to start with Vietnam…. It was the war that almost went twenty years but that’s not the point I want to talk about.

58,000 Americans died in that war, with many many, more people dying in this war. I’m only going to focus on America because, as I write this, it is Memorial Day. There were also 154,000 Americans were wounded.

Now, going back to WWII, we had 292,000 Americans die. In history, it is the greatest war with the greatest casualties. They say that there were 60 Million deaths, from the 6 Million Jews to all of the nations. 60 Million, which at that time would be considered 3% of the world’s population in 1939 – 2 Billion people.

When we hit the last unfolding of Revelation, we will start losing 1/3 of the population – So WWII was a horrific, horrific war. Of that 292,000 that died, there were also 700,000 wounded. So, roughly for every death, there were two wounded.

In Vietnam, it had increased a little bit. For every one who died, there were three wounded.

Then we come to the Korean War which was about 1950 – 1953. It is a three year war. 37,000 Americans died. 103,000 wounded. Again, there was a ratio of about 1 to 2. For every death, there were two wounded.

Then we come to the Gulf War which was the six month war with 300 people dead and 776 wounded. This was again a 1 to 2 ratio.

Afghanistan. Had 2,000 deaths with 20,000 wounded. All of a sudden, our ratio has jumped; for 1 death, there are 10 wounded.

We come to the Iraqi War. About 4½ almost 5,000 dead and 32,000 wounded, which would be a ratio of about 1 to 7.

Several months ago, the Lord began to talk to me, last summer when ISIS began to rise. And I began to pray into that and ask Him, “Father, what’s up?” And He said, “Well, something has begun that has come into a vacuum, but it was already coming and would have come anyway.” It’s here. And it’s not going to go away very quickly. It will cost a lot for it to be removed.

And so I was just kind of praying and one day the Lord said, “I want you to look up something.” And so I looked it up and I did today, and I’ll give you what I learned. Here today there are roughly about a million soldiers, servicemen around the world

Anyway, here are the deployment of the US in current war zones and past war zones: In the present combat zones of Afghanistan and Iraq – Afghanistan, we have 6,830 soldiers on the ground. Iraq, we have 3,100. Again, for my figures I went on the internet, Wikipedia, a couple of places, so this is generally speaking.

In Kuwait today, we have 11,865 soldiers on the ground. In Japan, which was one of our enemies that we defeated, we currently today have 49,396 soldiers.

In South Korea, we have 28,500 soldiers on the ground.

In Germany, which was a war to end all wars, we have 38,491 soldiers on the ground.

And little old Italy, which was part of the axis, today we have 11,354 soldiers on the ground.

In every nation, from the Gulf War backwards, every one of them has more soldiers than Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

I’m going to shift now to the spiritual because I do not know the natural – it’s not my place and this is not a political thing. It is actually a heart issue and I think Holy Spirit is going to touch larger than us trying to get a better plan for what’s happening.

Japan—we don’t ever hear about Japan coming into an uprising because we have a lot of troops there. The distaste for the war that took place and has continued on, America wanted to pull out, so we effectively cleansed the land and then removed our presence.

So, Jesus’ simple teaching was that when you cast out a demon, if it isn’t filled with something new, it brings seven times its problem. So, the vacuum that was created in these two countries is enormous. They
say Osama Bin Laden got his inspiration from the Gulf War as he saw what he felt was the abuse of the Imperial powers setting up this massive armament ready to trample down Iraq. So the seeds of this have been sowing.

The first point is, without a substance in place, then the vacuum calls for something else. So, in America, we are arguing war or no war; the point is moot. The hardest thing for Veterans to hear would probably to be told later, “Sorry that was a mistake.” Probably the truth is that we didn’t know how to hold a place. We gave the place back. The point is, the strength of the one who brings freedom, must remain in place for
freedom to stay.

I do know spiritual war and I’ll tell you my brief story. I have been in faith wars, praise wars, prayer wars, reconciliation wars, prophetic wars, apostolic wars, renewal wars and healing wars.

Basically what a war is, it’s to displace one power with another power and it is territorial. So, that’s why with ISIS, this is huge. This is caliphate, which has opened up a whole other door for a mindset that’s not even understood. It will be really hard and cost a lot to finally remedy.

But, in our kingdom, the kingdom of Jesus, He has another plan to touch and take over all the kingdoms of this world.

The problem is that if you become underfunded, disconnected, separate from your resource, or do not have enough feet on the ground, you cannot hold your place.

We somehow found a place where, I think, many of us got separated from Father, separated from Life source, separated from support, and separated from resource. Jesus put it succinctly, “Don’t you leave here until Holy Spirit comes, Just because you’ve walked with Me, know Me and saw Me raised from the dead, you cannot hold the place I’m about to put you in, except Holy Spirit fills you. And if you’re not filled with Holy Spirit, you’re not going to be able to die, because that’s what I’m sending you to go do.”

I got saved and delivered in 1976. I was called forth to live a righteous life. I did that, as best I could, for seventeen years. Holy Spirit came one day in 1993 and said, “You’ve come as far as you can come on your own ability observing My ways, learning My law, living your life”. I had a vision of Zechariah, chapter 3 where Joshua the High Priest stood before the Lord in filthy garments and Satan at his right hand to oppose him. God began to start a new undoing of self so that He could have access.

I preached before that what I call the Gospel of Preservation – how to keep things from sin and how to keep people from sin – how to move things to advance without cost. Now, all of a sudden, it’s abandonment.
It doesn’t help to have the renewal happen the next year because we were abandoned to follow the Holy Spirit anywhere. So began an abandoning, yielding, giving…

In 1996, God opened a door to me, which just freaked me out, with opportunity and insight. It was the door of Luke 6to love your enemies; to do good to those who hate you; to bless those who curse you; to pray for those who spitefully use you; to let those who hit you on one side of your face hit you on the other. It began an idea of the kingdom mandate of Dominion—how the kingdoms of this world would actually become the kingdoms of our Lord. We would just go love everybody. We laid down our arms. We would not fight over sin, righteousness and all of that. We would begin to lay down our lives and lay them out unto our brothers and sisters. I launched, enthusiastically like you do every time God catches you in a faith moment. By the time 2000-2001 had come, I was over-swept by what I was trying to enter in to do.

There is nothing that separates you from the love of God, unless you believe whatever is telling you, that you are separated. Then, you are in effect separated from enjoying the love of God. The truth doesn’t change, but you believe a lie. A problem had subtly crept into my life. It is a simple belief that everyone has to hear; which is that God has done a wonderful work on the earth and there is something really glorious that is about to happen, and you need to be a part of it. That’s how you start. Then as you get into the journey, in to define what that glorious thing is going to be. It’s the prophetic movement; it’s the apostolic movement; it’s this; it’s that. And then as you begin to move, engaging, trusting, believing, honing your skills, humble yourself, getting holy, somewhere along the line you have to ask, “Why isn’t this happening?”

So then the next part of our teaching comes that, “Well, there’s something that’s got to be done on our part for God to do His part.” It sounds very reasonable. And so whether it’s we’re not praying enough, eating enough, not eating enough, we start to move with intent. We then subtly shift our attention from the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world and the only one who’s worthy to take the scroll and move history forward, and we begin to look upon self. Self-awareness shuts us into a religious paralyzation at some point.

For me, it was about 2001 when I began to literally be shut down because I just could not perceive the hell that I was walking through, trying to serve God. It really isn’t hell that bothers me anymore. It is the interpretation of hell that does me in. If you have a good narrator, you can go through anything. Right? This happens at the movies. The movie tells you what you’re supposed to be feeling about that thing. If you’ve got a good narrator, you pretty much can do whatever. You can clean the toilet and know you are bringing revival to the world. All you need is the right narrator. Holy Spirit, Father, Jesus, Love, Word.

But, there is still the accuser, and so, from 1993 to 2009, the accuser got my ear more than my ability to hold my gaze. I’d keep my gaze, I’d lose my place. Keep my gaze, lose my place. It finally dawned on me one day. We were in Santa Barbara, in the mid 2000’s, and I said to Cammy, “I can’t understand now how the God that I set out to serve has now become my enemy.” Once you believe one little thought about you not being enough, so God cannot do what He’s going to do—as wonderful as this thought might sound, that you need to be more obedient or more holy, if we follow that route, we will at some point find that God is your enemy.

He cannot:

A. Reward a servant, because He only has sons.

B. If you try to be righteous, then you will be guilty for the whole law. And if you try to do one thing a little better, then there are 99 things that you’re doing really worse. You will understand wrath and you will feel it. And it will displace you. The accuser will now interpret your station with the fire that is coming at you (now you’re back in a war) as, “It isn’t the devil doing this to you. It’s God that is doing this to you. What happened to you? I can’t believe it. You started off so well. You had so much promise. You blew it. You missed it.”

You can really disconnect from the love of God and be in a quandary. I lived through that until about 2009. I began crying out coming to terms with the bitterness of my heart and the anger and the unanswered questions and struggles. As I began to cry out to the Lord, with the first thing He began to deal with me, He took me to Job and Habakkuk. He said, “Let’s have a conversation about what you think and what I know.” Which you find out really quickly what I think is dinky and what He knows is much more than I could ever understand, so that I’m speaking out of ignorance. I was making assumptions, coming to conclusions and accusing God out of my ignorance because I was overwhelmed in my suffering. Grief, bitterness and loss, will paralyze you and capture you. So, He started to call me out of that.

Job got out of this by being confronted with the glory and majesty of God. He was basically told, “If you can riddle Me this, I will riddle you that. If you can tell Me where I store the thunder, I’ll tell you why you are in this predicament.” He was overwhelmed…”I’ve elevated myself up to a level with God – now, I’ve heard You with the hearing of my ears, now I see with my eyes and I repent in dust and ashes.” And so he was told to pray for his friends and the restoration begins.

God told him to “Forgive Me and forgive yourself and you need to forgive everybody: It doesn’t mean you have to feel it. You just have to walk away from it. Let it go. Some of us get paralyzed because something didn’t go the way we thought it was going to go. We are still waiting for God to answer, why it didn’t go that way, before we can go on with Him. While He says, “What is that to you? You follow Me. The way out of every place is to follow Jesus. If you have demands for Jesus to do this, you may never get out of the place.

Most of the time, Jesus could care less about answering those questions. You don’t have the brain-width for it. It is like talking to my three month old grandson, who doesn’t have articulation, as opposed to my grandson, Christian, who is almost five. Christian is going to want to know about something that is only answered in higher math or algebra, while he doesn’t even know how to add yet. My answer to him is to basically say, Follow me, trust me. Sorry I can’t tell you. Even while he demands for me to tell him because he thinks he knows everything. My five year old grandson actually told me that he knows everything.

The point is there is parts of life you cannot get answered. God could not answer it. If He did, it would just blow your brain up.

You heard a word and you begin a journey. The journey has taken over your life and now God has a destiny and it isn’t about you. It is not about us; it is about Jesus and what he has ordained to come to pass and is bring forth on the earth.

At this point for me, there began of a series of events. I had prophetic experience which opened the door about the glorious church in the glorified Christ. Without realizing what had happened, my vocabulary begin to change as I began to behold the completed and finished work and matured church coming forth. Out of this began a call up to heaven and to have an experience of living from heaven not from Earth, learning to live and laugh and live free. Then, while I was writing a book, God said, “Now I want you to hold your place and don’t let anything move from it. Which, in spiritual warfare that simply means God puts something in your hands and tells you to hold it. You ask Him what it is and He tells you it is a promise. It is a promise about the place He is putting you in. You get so excited and want to open it now. But, He says to just wait and hold it here, He will be back. Just wait. Then, as He is departing, He says, “Don’t let anyone take the promise from you and don’t let anyone take your place. So, you feel blissfully excited about what you have. BUT, the problem is the narrator shows up! You know who the narrator is—it is the accuser of the brethren. It’s the Dragon; it is Satan, the deceiver.

He comes in and asks, “What you doing?

You reply, “I’m holding the place God gave me, the promise He has for me.

He says, “What? I don’t see any promise. It starts a conversation. Once you engage in conversation, you lose. You cannot have a conversation with the devil. He is smarter, wiser, craftier and subtler than you. At this point, you are just dead and you have to be dead. But, meanwhile, you are getting your brains beating in while trying to hold your place. By the time you’re finished trying to hold your place, you are cursing at everyone. You are angry and you can’t stand it. You want the whole world to be obliterated, so that Jesus can finally come back and save you.

So, you are in this warfare and told to sit in heaven and laugh all the time. It makes no sense.

In all these movements and reconciliations, I have lost friends. They are in heaven now. We stepped into things that we couldn’t do. Such as, “Let’s go save those wonderful Shiites and Sunnis. And let’s go help the Communists understand truth. Let’s go bring all those people that are not like us to be like us. It is all naive. It has to be God! You have to do it your way, before He gets to have His way.

The problem is that the bigger the promise and the bigger the “Yes, I will do it”, the worse it is.

In every promise, you will experience the totality of the word before you ever carry the freedom that it brings. If you are called to be a deliver, guess who’s going to need a lot of deliverance? To be a healer, you know that you will face struggling though the warfare over health of some sort. If you are called to prosper, you might need to borrow a dime at some point. You will experience loss for the promises gained, to be fulfilled in context. You have to purchase the field to own the treasure. This is what you are doing as you live your life. You are becoming the field and the treasure.

Last year, Jesus appeared to me and said, “I’m coming to set My people free. They are captive”. He talked to me as all humanity—Seven billion people, not non-Christians, not just Saints, but everyone. “The captivity is so great, I’m coming. I’m going to change it from the inside out and open up their identity. I’m going to call them into the future. I’m going to break them free. Look at Saul of Tarsus. He is your road map. Learn of him. My conversion of him is how I’m going to convert.

Then comes the fall and the Lord begins to say, “By the way, I want all of your junk; it’s Mine. All those broken places of your life, all those bruised things, all those things you’ve had to let go and forgive, I want them. They are mine. They are valuable to me. I want them all. This is kind of fun at first. “Hey, Jesus, come look at me; this is yours.”

But a same thing time, it is disconcerting, because it means that God is going to start unpacking, reclassifying, re-boxing and redoing.

What God is doing now is going to change our world in every fashion that we know it. Resurrection life comes to that which has died. It comes with a body that God chooses to give to.

Two distinctives the resurrection is

  1. First has to die and
  2. Second it becomes not what it was redeemed. It becomes what God chooses it to be. So it is a whole other realm.

So, we are in this moment, and the thing we are in this moment is that if I know anything now is that I had to die a whole gazillion deaths, in order to not be as afraid of death as I had been. To be able to say, “Well, whatever, it’s the blood, it’s Your word. It is the whatever. Jesus you’re Lord.”

The accuser doesn’t go away. He will go away and lose a lot of his voice, and his listening ears, once the ears that were stopped up become open and able to hear, that he will lose power. But the dynamic of that is, that you can’t love your life to death. This means that there will be horrific experiences between you are the Christ and far be it from you this will never happen to Peter saying, “I’m not worthy to be crucified. Do it upside down because I don’t want to be that close to my glorious Savior’s”.

The kind of shifting from self to God is so horrifically death to life. It is beyond anyone’s ability to navigate or carry themselves through.

So, when Peter said, “Why can’t I follow you? I’m willing to die.”

In the upper room, Jesus said, “You cannot follow me now; BUT, you will follow me afterwards.

Then the unfolding of his life was unfolding, of yielding to death so that Christ could be gained. It is a glorious thing after the experiences have accumulated enough that you just recognize that this is how Jesus does these things. You say, “Go for Jesus, have Your way. Every time Jesus ever said, “Be glorified God”, He was speaking of His death. When He spoke of Peter, This is how you are going to glorify Me.”, He was telling Peter of his death. So, when we tell God, “Please, I want Your glory, He says, “Do you? Okay, it’s going to hurt a little”. It is going to hurt a whole lot. You will lose your identity and all that, but it doesn’t matter. You say, “I’m not going for glory anymore. Forget the glory. But, by then it is too late. We all have already said this. We are looking for salvation. We are looking for therapy. This is why we’re here.


Right now, lift your hands up to heaven and acknowledge, as best you know how:

Holy Spirit, I need you again. Holy Spirit pour Yourself out upon my flesh. Holy Spirit, come. I need You Holy Spirit. I can’t do this anymore. I have substituted You for everything else and I cannot make anything happen without You. I need we need the troops. I need the angelic host. I need the power. I need the resource. The earth is being overrun because we are just people. Come God and envelop me, surround me, fall upon me, shadow me.

Beloved, this is your altar, right now where you are. There is a holy exchange happening in you right now.

I am coming to this altar, Daddy. I need more Holy Spirit. I want more! Jesus, Jesus…

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There's just something about that name
Master, Savior, Jesus
Like the fragrance after the rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let all heaven and earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms shall all pass away

But there’s something about that name.

Heavenly Father, I thank you for what you’ve given me in Your Son, Jesus. I ask You now, Lord, to release the sound of forgiveness again. That I would know forgiveness like I have not known it for a long time. That I would know what it feels like to be forgiven. That I would know what it feels like to release and let go. I forgive You and I forgive myself. I cancel all debts and I begin here today. Forgive me and I forgive all who have sinned against me. I release it Lord, as best I can. I let go, I forgive my Papa. I forgive God for unanswered question and prophecies. I release, I let go, I give away. I go free with no more obligations, no more commitments, and no more that things have to be a certain way. I forgive!

Now with the forgiveness, Lord Jesus, bring me into an experience afresh. Holy Spirit come again so that I’m not afraid to die anymore. Come again so I can live through the deaths ahead of me. Come again so
that I can be a witness for you, Jesus throughout the earth. Come again with resource they can turn 120 to 3,020 to 6000, 7000. Come again, Holy Spirit, Come again, Holy Spirit! I can’t do this, only You can. Come, Holy Spirit and make Jesus Lord!

Now, just let Holy Spirit, come afresh, come anew with a touch and release.

Lord, I ask now that You would send me forth. As You were sent Jesus, You will send me. I am not going in my own strength or my own power. I understand that there is a tarrying ahead of me. But, there is something about You coming that will enable me to do what You want done that without You I could not do. I praise you, Jesus. I thank You. Blessed be Your name.

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Sunday May 31, 2015, 9:00 am: Diana Anderson will share, “The Burden of Love”.

Sunday 10:20 am: Nations Prayer join us as Psalm 2 Exodus 15 and Revelation 15 are pray out in these thirty minutes of prayer for the nations.

Sunday 11 am: I will be sharing, “5 Things We Can Do to Stay Filled with the Holy Spirit”. His fullness causes us to remain in His wonderful generous love. Holy Spirit is holds this truth and manifests it inside us, becoming a fountain of living water springing up into eternal life.

Monday June 1, 2015, 7:00 pm: Are You Burning for Jesus? A Time of Intercession for our hearts to burn with passion for our King, Jesus. Come and join us in the Prayer Center at Jubilee.

Grace and shalom,

Steve Dittmar

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