Christmas as we know it today revolves around Santa Clause and presents (lots of presents), but the true Christmas story is filled with even more wonder than anything Hollywood could create. I have nothing against Santa and his sleigh. In fact, I personally think that Christmas movies are continually becoming more inventive and entertaining. Writers, musicians, filmmakers and so many other artists are amazing storytellers, but the Holy Spirit is the greatest storyteller in creation! He has access to everything Jesus and the Father have; meaning that the Holy Spirit can show us all things. The Holy Spirit can announce the story of Christmas to us with a renewed sense of wonder.

Every year for forty-four years, I have found new wonder within the Christmas story. You might think that after forty-four years there would be nothing more to see, but, in reality, the opposite is true. With each passing year I actually receive more revelation. Try taking an hour to reflect on the Christmas story. I would recommend beginning with Matthew and Luke, chapters one and two. Think about the story during that hour (on the characters, their situation, and their reactions to Heaven’s glorious interruptions), then place yourself within the story.  You can be Joseph, Mary, Zacharias, Elizabeth, Simeon, Anna, the shepherds, the wise men, or Herod (choose whoever you connect with, gender is not important). Imagine Gabriel appearing to interrupt your everyday life. Imagination allows us to place ourselves within a story, bringing it alive in our present day lives.

Christmas Wonder is the greatest miracle that has ever been seen on our planet, besides the resurrection. One day, Christ will appear to His church as the fullness of Him who is all in all. That will take Wonder to a whole other level. Maybe that will be a good story to tell next year?

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