When Israel received the first miracle of manna, “What is it?” was their response. That’s why they called it Manna, meaning “What?” But beyond the provision of bread there was a pattern of eternity. The “What is it?” moment lasted for a day and then needed to be rediscovered the next morning. In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus taught His disciples to pray “Give us this day our daily bread”. Which showed His disciples how to access heaven’s provision. There is faith for today. A miracle for today, provision for today!

Israel was told that the, “What is it?” would be there every morning. But, some didn’t trust this promise and gathered more than they needed. They saved the rest for the next day. Instead of being ahead, they had a headache. Overnight, the manna became rancid and filled with worms. It smelled up their entire tent! They had to gather what they had saved and dispose of the blessing of yesterday, which today stank and bread worms.

When we enter into the Secret Place with the Lord in the morning, we enter into a union with Living Bread. Jesus is the bread which came down from heaven. By faith, we join ourselves in union while worshiping Christ. We can be encouraged to come into the presence of God in Christ, before the Throne of Grace. With Jesus as our High Priest, we obtain mercy and find grace to help in our opportunities throughout the day. We have now accessed our place in Christ, in heaven. Tomorrow, we need to renew this place again, entering again by His blood, through His veil, with thanksgiving and praise.

But what about the rest of the day? Here is a picture that the Lord has given to share. It is what I have known through experience, but not had language to teach. For years I have experienced, that once I had made contact (for lack of better words) and had accessed His presence experientially, that I could return again and again throughout the day, immediately being before the Lord. This is the picture that I saw to explain a blessing we can all practice:

We wake in the morning looking for our “What is it?” moment with the Lord. We enter into the Holiest, by Jesus, however we enter. Whether through scripture, worship, thanksgiving, His blood or His veil, we enter through Jesus. JESUS is today’s access code. Once in, we can come and go as we please, and as we need. Our pass is good for the entire day. It is faith for today. Work, tasks, assignments and projects call us. We become occupied with today’s troubles and then realize, “My peace is gone. I lost my joy. I am angry, frustrated and frightened.” Without returning to the morning’s connecting practice, we can simply enter right back into the place we were in peace and joy. It’s like once we have entered into the Holiest, through Jesus, we have access all day long. Turning our face toward Christ, we access all that He is again. The next morning, we will start over finding our way into the Holiest by Jesus, reapplying our access code: JESUS!

The genius of God is that we have faith for the entire day – all day long. So we can continue receiving our miracle, return to our peace and all that the Lord has revealed to us. “What is it?” If we practice returning to the place of righteousness peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, we learn how to live in our daily bread. Practicing returning to the provision of heaven throughout the day is the same as practicing the presence of God. This is what I believe it means to pray continually, rejoice always and in everything give thanks. It is by returning to the source of life that we found for today.

We have been given, in Christ, faith for today. Let’s take the time to enter in and then take advantage of unlimited returning all day long. Who knows, one day we might be offered what Enoch heard. This is how, in my imagination, I hear the Lord asking Enoch, on the day he walk into eternity, “Enoch you are here all the time, coming and going. We walk together each day. You have exercised the place I gave you, practicing your daily faith. Do you want to just stay here?” What do you think Enoch answered?

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