In this season of seeking God for a new experience in Jesus and to see His glory, I have found myself inside of Exodus 33 and 34.

Moses spent forty days seeking the Lord at the tent of meeting and then forty days on Mount Sinai inside the Lord’s glory. When Moses was seeking the Lord, he set up his tent outside the camp of Israel because the Lord had declared He would no longer be found inside the camp of Israel, after the golden calf incident. There, Moses met face to face with the Lord and they spoke together as a friends. This friendship was inside of purpose.

After forty days of meeting with God, Moses asked for the way to bring the people into the promise land. He declared, to the Lord, that He had said that He knew Moses by name and that he had found grace in His sight.

Pause…Moses had spent forty days in the presence of the Lord in face-to-face encounters with the Lord, speaking to him as a friend. Inside of Moses’ purpose was his friendship and his confidence. The Hebrew word for “name”, means rank or purpose or distinction. In other words, Moses being known was inside of the Lord’s purpose for him.

28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose. Romans 8:28

Here in the Greek, the word “purpose” derives its meaning from the idea of “show bread”. This was the 12 loaves of bread that were set before the Lord in the Holy Place. Our calling is according to His purpose. He has set each one of us on earth before Him with a purpose of His choosing.

  • Here inside His purpose, we are known by name in our place inside of Christ and His inheritance.
  • Here inside of His purpose, we find grace in His sight.
  • Here inside His purpose, we know each other as friends.

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