The voice of God reveals Jesus! Peter and the apostles continued to see growth geographically as the church spread throughout Judea, Samaria, and Galilee. It was growing in numbers, as many disciples were being added, but it was only among the Jews. The Holy Spirit had a plan. And through His visions, voice, and leading, He was about to open the gospel to all nations. But, first He had to convince Peter.

Upcoming Events

Sunday October 25, 9 am: Israel Liberty Team will be leading the service. They are back, fresh from ten days of surrounding the borders of Israel with worship, prayer, declarations, and releasing the sound of grace inside of Jerusalem. Now it’s time to bless our borders and release the sound of grace in our city. You won’t want to miss this service and the blessings that will be given.

Sunday 10:20 am: Prayer for the Nations. So much is happening on the ground, and in the halls of government. But, this is not where the decisions over nations is decided. They are decided in prayer. Join us as we pray for the nations.

Sunday 11 am: I will be sharing “Revelation and Demonstration – The Twofold Ministry of the Holy Spirit.” The Holy Spirit’s mission is to reveal Jesus in us and demonstrate Jesus through us. Without Him we have no power to be witnesses; and without Him we cannot discover Jesus. What can we do to receive the Holy Spirit’s fullness? What do His revelations look like? How does He reveal Jesus in us? What does His demonstration look like? How does He demonstrate Jesus through us?


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