Hearts, homes, and God’s house—the individual, family, and community—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

In communion we can appropriate Jesus’ new covenant in His blood, the remission of sin. In these next three weeks, we will reconcile our hearts, homes, and God’s house into the New Covenant.

Taking Communion in our home or business, we first purify our hearts. Judging ourselves honestly, we receive the forgiveness and reconciliation of Jesus Christ. Using whatever elements are around our home, for the body and blood, we can personally experience the salvation that is ours in Christ.

Then we take a bit of the elements, representing His blood, and apply it to the doorposts and top of the door entrance to our homes/businesses calling for all sin to be forgiven and all evil to no longer enter in. This is our house, so we call it into the peace of God in Christ. We turn inside the home and do so at each doorway, into each room, calling on the name of the Lord. We declare what has happened inside that is not of God to be expelled and what God has called our home, bedroom, kitchen, and office to be filled with God’s presence, peace, and prosperity.

Each Wednesday at noon, for the next four Wednesdays, we will gather during our Prayer Watches to reconcile God’s house. From the sanctuary into every room in the building, we will pray over the doors and inside the rooms, cleansing them from unintentional sins and sins done in ignorance. All are welcome to come and be a part.

This was prophesied by Ezekiel, in Ezekiel 45:18-25.

Last Sunday, we practiced all of this. To watch or listen, click here.

New Blog, “Jeremiah & America” begins this Thursday. As we read through Jeremiah in our bible reading, I will share a blog on similarities of these two covenant nations and God’s instructions in returning to His divine promises.

This week’s Bible Reading Overview and Schedule, click here.

This month’s Bible Reading PDF, click here.

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