Hope is in His love. When we abide in His love, we have hope without disappointment. Why? Because we are hoping in the Man Christ Jesus, our High Priest behind the veil. He is our assurance of mercy into eternal life. I can anchor my soul to Him, the better hope, and not drift my great salvation. I rest in the storm. I have hope in the Man.

Hope inside love is secured by the One who makes promise and fulfills promise. I do not have to watch over His word or seek a completion in my mind. I am inside love; and the One who loves me is merciful and faithful. He can perform what He has promised. Faith works through love; and the Holy Spirit pours love into my heart—especially when there are trials abounding. My faith rises above the trials, resting in the One who fulfilled all promises in His resurrection and intercession.

Nothing can separate me from His love. I abide in His love, I trust in His love, I rest in His love. All things work together because I love Him and am called according to His purpose.

Hope does not disappoint, because my Hope is in Jesus.

Exciting News! We are halfway through the book of Psalms. Today, we read Psalms 76 through 80. March 9th, we are going to read the four gospels together for forty days, through Easter Sunday, April 17th. More information coming.

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