I woke up today hungry. After breakfast, I felt my hunger grow. Not for more oatmeal, but for a touch from God. For twelve weeks, I have been seeking God for a new experience with Jesus to see His glory to be able to be empowered to complete my next assignment. In my pursuit, I have discovered amazing things, like the tent of meeting.

Face to face encounters with God (not natural face to face, but intimate sincere honest exchanges) where I was known by name and found grace in His sight. Known in my sonship, in my purpose. Agreeing with God’s promises to me, and His provision of Jesus for me.

Grace came to lead a weekly prayer meeting that was only supposed to be a monthly prayer meeting. Hunger and thirst grew. Knowing that what has been done, is done, and what is coming, has not yet fully come, my resource of God (that which I could pull forward at demand) was no longer adequate for what was coming. I needed a new experience with Jesus, a new touch from God. Humility brings grace.

Now, what is increasing is my hunger and thirst and with it, is an expectancy of being filled. I am hungry for the unseen, the new experience of Jesus. To see His face, and the glory of God, shining in His face. I am grateful for everything the Lord has done for me and done in me. As I remember the past seasons of His coming and filling me, I smile. He is coming. I will be full again, with Him, in Him, for Him.

I am unashamedly asking with faith expectancy of being filled. What will it be like? What is His coming going to bring? Promise fulfillment? Yes! Inheritance entered into? Yes! Renewal, revival, restoration, refreshing? Yes, yes, yes, YES! But in me first, then the glory may carry others. Today I am hungry.

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