Peter wrote in his second epistle, “To those who have obtained like precious faith with us by the righteousness of our God and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 1:1b, NKJV). Like precious faith is faith of the same value. Mary had said “Yes” to the Lord’s decree and had now found herself both blessed with the child and separated from marriage. Joseph wasn’t keen on the idea of a virgin birth. He hadn’t heard for himself the Lord speak. But Elizabeth was in like faith with Mary, and with child through faith. Elizabeth was old and barren, Mary was young and a virgin, and they both needed each other. They were carrying miracles.

Mary took off on the ninety-mile trek to Elizabeth’s home, and when she greeted Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s baby leapt in her womb. Like precious faith will make the baby you’re carrying by faith to leap. Faith finds faith and activates greater faith. Filled with the Holy Spirit, Elizabeth declared Mary as the mother of her Lord, and affirmed that Mary was blessed in believing.

Like precious faith had found each other. Mary then magnified the Lord with her soul, rejoiced in God her Savior with her spirit, and declared, “all generations will call me blessed.” Mary and Elizabeth had not only found like precious faith, they had multiplied their faith together.

Mary’s soul came out of consternation over her pending annulment with Joseph, into focus on the Lord; magnify Him! Mary moved from the tiredness of the journey, and testing of her faith, to rejoicing her spirit in God her Savior. Mary saw her blessedness in faith would go far beyond the trials she was experiencing.

Each of us carries Christ. We can choose to agree with God, magnify the Lord with our souls, rejoice in our spirit in our God and Savior, and declare that we are the blessed of the Lord. Faith is the spirit of Christmas’ victory, the overcomer in Jesus. Like precious faith, agrees with God and His report; like precious faith causes our baby to leap. Like precious faith multiplies in the sound.

Oh, and the men, Joseph and Zacharias, the Lord met them too. Then they had faith.

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