Complete within, allows us to complete one another

I can remember hearing the phrase “One is a whole number.” Wholeness is another word for completeness and completeness is our destiny in Christ as individual members and as one body. In Christ, we are whole and are being made whole for He is our perfection. We can run into His completeness in all circumstances.

Let me illustrate:

I am learning to acknowledge Jesus Christ as everything I need in all circumstances. I am in Christ and inseparable from Christ. His healing is my healing, His joy—my joy, His freedom—my freedom, and so on. This practice moves my eyes off me and my limitations, weaknesses, anxieties, and needs. My struggle is not to resolve a circumstance but to enter into Christ in the circumstance I’m in and bring it with me.

Here, I see Jesus as Lord. Here, I cast all my cares upon Him. Here I accept His position before the Father as mine and rest in His Lordship, love, life, liberty, healing, and everything. I am finding all anxiety in me is stopped when I bring it into Christ. I am one with Christ, inseparable from Christ, and nothing can separate me from the love of God in Christ Jesus my Lord.


With our heart believing (accepting the truth of God’s word) and our mouth confessing (declaring God’s testimony of His Son) we bring ourselves into the COMPLETE Jesus, into the WHOLENESS of Jesus. Death is swallowed up in His life, sorrow in His joy and gladness, fear in His love I am whole in Christ.

Corporate Prayer Meeting this Wednesday, September 6th 6:00 pm, in the Sanctuary.

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