The value of the concordance really is when you find yourself inside a word and you want to go “inside” the word in an even greater way. This is a major part of unlocking the word from being just a one-dimensional statement to a picture.

All words are meant to create an image. This is how God created us. This is how God created everything. He frames everything through words. It is really meant to find any way you can to let the bible and the voice of God imprint inside of us.

Jesus is the Author and Finisher of our faith and so He is the one who begins the story. The word Finisher could be the idea of the photographic developing of a picture in the old days, before it was digital. When the developer would cause the picture, that was in the film or was inside of the solutions that were pulling the picture up, it would suddenly become a picture, an imprint of it, and it would become permanent.

So, we want God to have access from the beginning to the end—Alpha to Omega.

Another thing I want to point to, because we’re going to start in Isaiah 6,

There is another aspect of discovering God in the Word and His presence. That is allowing yourself, once you find a section of scripture, (like a verse) to use your reference, that is in your bible and follow that on whatever journey it takes you.

I always practice this idea: I let the bible teach me the bible. I let the Word of God confirm the Word of God and let it be my substantiater.

Believe it or not, I have never read commentaries or any of those to discover what I’ve learned. I’ve always just read the bible, listened…and then explored the bible by just using those references.

I’ll show you one verse in Isaiah 6 which will be awesome, fun homework to do at the end of the meeting.

Practicing the presence really takes just three things:

  1. The presence of God,
  2. The word of God; and
  3. Yourself.

I emphasize the Word of God as much as I emphasize the Spirit of God, or the presence of God, because they really are together. Without both, we lose our bearing. People who can see incredibly in the Spirit, may not be able to stand against the enemy. This is because he doesn’t really care what you see. The only thing he will stand-down on, is what is written.

You have to have the “It is written”, as much as the experience. You have to have the voice of God saying, “You are the son of God, beloved, and called into a ministry”.

You also have to have the word of God and what it would say to this particular challenge to prove myself. Here’s what the word says. So, we will let the word decide what happens next. And the devil will shut-down at the word more than he will an experience.

He is a spirit, he has lived in heaven, was probably in charge of worship, and the one that actually perverted righteousness into iniquity, and created the idea that you could become God without God.

So he’s really crafty. He is known as the dragon, as the serpent, the accuser, the slanderer, the traducer, and all of those ways through deception and mis-movement and fascination and so forth.

So the word of God is our place, where we can best hold our place, when we are being challenged. Therefore, I encourage you to always be listening, as God’s presence is being enjoyed. Asking Him, “Lord, where will I grow in this
in Your word?”

When you are inside the word, don’t become fascinated with what you’re learning in your head. Say, “Lord I want to experience it in my belly, or it’s worthless.” We can have all that information, search the scriptures, think there’s life in it, but all scripture is to lead us to Jesus. Jesus is the Beginning and the End. Every time I am with God, however He’s moving, whether it’s primarily inside the scripture, opening up a word, or by just visions, that He is taking me into and experiences in the Spirit, in all of them I’m aware of Him taking me into an encounter to have with Jesus. And having the encounter with Jesus changes me.

Take some time to practice every day, five days a week, an hour a day would be optimum. Four days a week, 15 minutes a day would be minimum to at least get some kind of traction for what we are introducing and get it to become yours.

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Sunday 10:20am: Nations Prayer – A time of holding up the Nations to the King of all Nations.

Sunday 11am: I will share “Everything Flows from the Throne” From the throne proceeds a River of Life. This is the place where our life proceeds and where all change emanates from.

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