I had a vision this week while speaking with one of our staff members. As she was talking about the prophetic, I saw a curtain being drawn back. This curtain was covering a large window, and as it was drawn open, the sunshine of heaven flooded the room. Beforehand, the room was dark and nondescript; but once the curtain was drawn, the glories of heaven flooded the room, causing it to shine brilliantly with light. The room actually moved in harmony with the light shining in. It was as if the room itself both absorbed and reflected the very sunshine of heaven.

Similar to pulling blackout curtains open and having morning light flood a hotel room, or when a winter storm subsides and the clouds roll back to expose the sun shining in its glory, so this very dynamic was happening to the room. Every time the prophetic sound was heard: whether in reading scripture, in preaching, in prophecy, in a revelation, or in any encounter with Jesus, the curtain would be drawn back a bit more and the light would shine more fully into the room.

The room was my heart.

The light was heaven’s sunshine, shining from the face of Jesus. Light, life, love. . . all shining in the face of Jesus, now shining in my heart. I thought, “Why the curtain?” Immediately, 2 Corinthians 3 came to me, with the imagery of the veil that lies over the heart in the reading of the Law—yet removed when anyone turns to Jesus. Face-to-face with Jesus illuminates any and all darkness. The glory of God becomes light, life, and love, with transformational properties to illuminate and brighten all hearts.

I was then drawn to 2 Corinthians 4:6:

“For it is the God who commanded light to shine out of darkness, who has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.”

I then heard the Lord share this with me: “I have given My Spirit of Truth to illuminate the truth of Myself in your heart. When your heart grows cold, or the storms of life have closed its view, I send the prophetic sound of My voice to illuminate hope in My Word. My words are Spirit, and they are Life. When they are heard and seen, they radiate My Glory. My Glory is what changes you. . . When a heart has drawn its curtains closed and no longer is able to see, I send my prophetic sound through my Spirit, through any number of different ways I speak, to open the curtains of the heart and shine the light of My Glory in this heart. Each heart of mine has been created to come alive in my Spirit, in love and life. That is why you not only reflect, but absorb, My Glory. That is why you not only see, but are transformed into My Glory. You were made for My Glory. . .”

This experience made me so appreciative of the Lord’s constant desire and consistent effort to get my attention to turn to Him. I am grateful for every encouraging word shared, song sung, and vision imparted. . . all of the many ways the Lord illuminates my heart with Himself. I see! I sing! I rise again, and continue in the upward call of God which is in Christ Jesus (Phil. 3:14).

I turn to Jesus, and my curtain is drawn. I hear His voice, my heart shines, and I see. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for being my Helper forever, leading me to Jesus so I can see Jesus and be changed into His image. As the old song says, “Shine, Jesus, shine.”

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