This Sunday August 2nd at 10:00 am, we are taking our Service outside and into the parking lot so we can be together. We will have Service online at the same time, including worship, the word, and communion. If you are comfortable coming, then please come. If not, then please join us online and have your communion elements ready for this breakthrough covenant service.

Today at 3:00 pm on Facebook Live, the School of Jubilee begins “GLORY.” A four-week course (Tuesdays and Thursdays, eight classes in all) that will bring us into the glory of God, seen in the face of Jesus shining in our hearts. I am excited to be teaching this class. Every class will have questions and answers, as well as impartation prayer.

The glory of God is God in manifestation. We can think of His glory as His honor and splendor on display, God in self-manifestation. The glory of God is His provision for His creation in every area of life.  We were created naked, and saved naked, and God’s glory is our covering. The glory of God seen in the Face of Jesus Christ. No shame, no blame, no fear, and no hiding, only His acceptance in the Beloved. But here is the paradox: the glory of God does not come to our strength, but to our weakness, resting on our humility, not on self-sufficiency.

Last week in preparing for these classes, I asked the Lord for a fresh experience in His glory. The next two days, I began having dream after dream of His glory that has come in my life over the last twenty-five years. I also started seeing myself in each of these times. God was glorious. I was not. God’s glory came, and I acted out of myself. As I pondered this, I saw that God’s glory came to undo me so that He could rule through me. The ultimate perfection of His glory is my trust in His all-sufficiency in Christ. Our trust in Christ is to the praise of His glory!

God’s glory fills everything and undoes anything to return all things to Jesus Christ. We see God’s goodness; we see ourselves. He stands up; we fall. We see Jesus, we see ourselves, and we are changed.

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