God is so good, and He loves to make promises to us. From His goodness flows His great willingness to do that which He said He would do—fulfill His promises– and His promises demonstrate that He is fully committed to us and committed to His future for us. You’ve heard me say, “A promise made is an inheritance given”. So promises show us what God has freely given us in Him; they are also how God imparts His divine nature to us (see 2 Peter 1:4).

We’ve all been given rich promises by God; they are strengthening, encouraging, hope-filled anchors for each one of us. Yet I have found that we must come to rest in this truth first: His promises have a set time of fulfillment and a course of transformation that we will experience as we become a partaker of His divine nature. God fulfills His promises through His faithfulness and His ability; He does not need our help, only our faith. . .

Thus, the in-between time is where we can exhaust ourselves trying to “help God” fulfill our promises! Let’s be honest: We’ve all gone there, and experienced the futility and frustration of trying to make our promises “happen”. After a season of struggle—this takes longer for some than others!—we learn, by God’s grace, to rest ourselves in His presence behind the veil. Here is where we find Jesus. Here is where Hope abounds. Here is where we are changed into His image from glory to glory.

But prior to this place of rest, trust, and faith, the in- between time can feel really messy, convoluted, and hopeless. That’s because our ideas of how and when and what and why are not met. The fruit of this struggle can manifest as doubt, fear and despair. “What did I do wrong?” “What did someone else do wrong?” “Whose sin is it?”

It’s no one’s sin. It’s for the glory of God that we wait. It is in order for God to be gracious to us that He waits. It is for our transformation into His image that we wait in His presence. Promises are God’s voluntary commitment of Himself to perform by Himself what He has promised. Promises are our covenant place of rest and assurance. Here, we can enter freely behind the veil to find Jesus, our High Priest, our Forerunner, our Lord.

For the past few years, I would pray, “I bring all of me into all of You, Lord”; then recently, it became, “I bring all of me into all of You. . .and I worship.” It has been so freeing.  “All of me” is all of me: my history, my sin, my regrets, my losses, my gains, my children, my grandchildren, my assets, my debts, my emotions, my fears, my trauma. . .EVERYTHING. All of me! I bring all of me behind the veil into all of Him. Jesus! All of His victory, His faithfulness, His goodness, His triumph, His love, His joy! Here in Christ, I worship.

Yes, here in Christ, I worship God. I glorify Him as God; I am thankful that He is God. I make Jesus bigger by my praises. Not that He actually becomes bigger; He just comes into my view in the truth of who He actually is. . .How great! How complete! How faithful! I don’t think I could fully express, or imagine, or glorify Jesus with all of my praise and even touch the hem of His garment in all the magnificence of who He truly is.

I bring all of me into all of Him, and worship Jesus.

Soon, Jesus’ glory eclipses my despair, fear or doubts; everything just starts to shift. His truth, His Word, and His promises gently, somehow, become clear and fresh and new. I see His words as life and truth. I see Jesus and the Holy Spirit transform me into His image. I partake of His glorious nature. In union with Christ, I experience the love of God in Christ Jesus my Lord.

What an awesome God we get to know, learn, experience, trust and love! Today, may you rest in full assurance that what God promises to you, He is able to perform; and in the in-between time, He is able to transform. This is a true miracle.

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