Dear Beloved of the Lord,

We have just finished our Highway 35 Conference and Wow! What a conference!

If you missed any of the conference and would like order the audio or video, please select one of the options below:

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Many people were deeply touched as the Lord took possession again of our wilderness and wasteland. The revelation of the Lord’s coming, His Highway of Holiness and His throne room became places of refuge, deliverance and delight.

This Wednesday night, we are going to gather again at 7pm to give thanks for all He has done, through testimony, and for His impartation for what is left to be done in any of our lives.

Wednesday is also the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles-the day Jesus call for all who were thirsty to come to Him, drink, believe, and see rivers of living water flow from their bellies.

We will see the Lord in our wildernesses. We will see His redemption, His deliverance, and His delight. We will return on the Highway of Holiness-Jesus our Way-and sit in His presence inside His throne room.

If you have been touched during our conference, or you desire for more, come this Wednesday night and take hold of what has been given to us.

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, October 15, 7PM: The Firstfruits of our Freedom-giving God glory, testifying of His grace, imparting what has been given, and taking another drink. Rivers of Living water pouring out.

Sunday, October 19, 9AM: Becky Ferris will share “Abounding in Grace”. It’s all about our position in Christ—the King of Glory.

Sunday 10:20AM: Prayer for the Nations – Can you hear the Lord call to us? Will you watch with Me? There is such movement now in the earth, our prayers join with His will, bringing all things into His grace.

Sunday 11AM: I will be sharing “Extreme Enjoyment” The art of knowing Jesus now, in the gift of His grace, in the love of our Father, and the victory of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.

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