Wonderful Holy Spirit! He is our Comforter who communicates our sonship, saying, “Abba, Father” in our hearts. He is our Helper, coming alongside us to bring us into Jesus. Wonderful Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, revealing Jesus to us as the Way, the Truth and the Life. Holy Spirit of promise seals us in Jesus Christ, whom we believe once we hear the truth. He is the guarantee of our inheritance until the redemption of the purchased possession: YOU and me!

Wonderful Holy Spirit brings us into times of refreshing from the presence of the Lord. He blows like the wind, soft and gentle or strong and loud. He speaks Jesus! He magnifies Jesus! He takes all of Jesus as Jesus directs, and announces our inheritance in Christ. He reveals Jesus to us; He teaches us all things. He brings everything Jesus says to our remembrance, guides us into all truth, and shows us things to come!

Wonderful Holy Spirit fills us with joy and peace as we believe. We can abound in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit!  He is the power that raised Jesus from the dead. He is the same power giving life to our mortal bodies. All answered prayer comes through His power working mightily in us.

Wonderful Holy Spirit knows what to do. He knows how to pray when we are weak and powerless; He knows what to pray when we no longer know or even care to pray. He takes our future in Christ and brings us into it. He is the beautifier of the Bride. He takes the words of the Bridegroom and matures the Bride to look like Jesus and sound like Jesus.

Wonderful Holy Spirit only says what Jesus says, does what Jesus does, and He loves His job! He is so confident in what Christ has accomplished that He loves to hover over and through our messes. He is the one between chaos and creativity, insanity and peace, and He never loses! He always wins, because His victory is the triumph of Christ. He can take any bad thing and turn it for good inside of LOVE.

Wonderful Holy Spirit knows all that is prepared for us as we love God with the love that originates from God Himself; for He was there at the beginning and is here now to bring transformation into Christ’s image, from glory to glory. He is our eyes, our ears, and our hearts’ connection to heaven. He makes Jesus tangible, touchable, transferable and glorious. He has gifts to give us and fruit to lead us into, and He is always fun!

Wonderful Holy Spirit is maturing us to look like Jesus, sound like Jesus, talk like Jesus and be fully in Jesus. That’s why the Spirit and the Bride say, “Come!” And all who hear the call to come, say, “Come!” The thirsty come, and whoever desires can come and receive of the waters of life freely!

Wonderful Holy Spirit changes our mourning into joy, our ashes into beauty, our depression into garments of praise. Wonderful Holy Spirit takes dishonor and brings us into Jesus’ honor, He takes reproach and changes it for our glory. He abides in us in our weakness and delights in bringing us into completeness.

Wonderful Holy Spirit…He can do anything because of Jesus, and He makes all things beautiful in Him!

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