Taught by Steve Dittmar & Diana Anderson


Inside CHRIST – Session Description:

Believing in Christ has brought us inside of Christ. Here we are united in the victory of Christ, His new birth, and His resurrection.  Here we are seated together in heavenly places inside Christ. The truth of “inside Christ” frees us from striving, from works, from accusations and fear. Inside Christ we are accepted inside the Beloved. Jesus said, “At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you are in Me, and I in you.” John 14:20

This session of four classes will bring us inside Christ experientially into His abundant life.


About the Teachers:

Diana Anderson is the worship pastor at Jubilee Church and has committed her life to living inside Christ. Practicing dwelling inside Christ has brought great freedom and fulfillment where before was pain and loss.

Steve Dittmar, senior leader of Jubilee Church was given the assignment to bring the revelation of Jesus Christ in His body. Rather than living from afar, we are called to live inside Christ and all that He has accomplished and is providing today as our Great High Priest.


Inside CHRIST is a 4 session Live interactive course led by Steve Dittmar