Wellness Team Vision:

Bring, Listen, and Love.


BRING a member into Christ and into our heart, through prayer. LISTEN for Christ’s promises over them—agreeing with Him over these words; LOVE them in truth by sharing a confirming word in Christ.

BRING: first we bring ourselves into Christ and His fullness in worship and fellowship with Him. There we become reunited/connected, in vital union with Him, enjoying all the benefits of Jesus. Through His righteousness, peace and joy I then hear His voice over me. Next, I one at a time bring my loved ones (and afterward, those I am praying for in the Body of Christ) spiritually with me into that space before the Lord.

LISTEN: for the words Christ is speaking over them. This is not a time to fix or correct, but receive His goodness toward them.  Allow vision to grow. As you listen to hear what God is speaking over them He may give you a Scripture, a sense of well-being, an emotion, an encouragement for them. Then agree with God over them.

LOVE:  Sharing the words in love. Look for the opportunity to get a good word to them through a text, email, or phone call. You could say, “This is what I heard the Lord saying over you.”  Or, “This is what I sensed when I prayed for you…”  It doesn’t have to be elaborate, just full of goodness, mercy, truth, love, and joy. Then bless them.

Note: God speaks eternally and so He may not always say something new, or even exciting, but His word is always truth. Sometimes He is just communicating that He has the one He loves inside His heart, and is holding their future securely. Our listening over a week may hear the same thing, or many things, but once it’s time to reach out in love, there will be a sweet sound of truth in words I’ve heard in the presence of the Lord, that gives hope.

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