God’s daily bread is found in the Word of God. When we read to Him His word, He speaks to us out of His word. We live by every word that comes out of the mouth of God. It’s funny, we read His Word and He speaks to us. So simple but profound.

When we hear His voice we pause and acknowledge His voice as we would anyone speaking to us. We listen. This brings faith to our hearts and hope to our souls, and transformation to put lives.

Matthew 15-21

Jesus is now being persecuted by the Pharisees and Sadducees as they seek a sign. Peter declares that Jesus is the Christ, and then forbids Jesus to die. It’s at the Mount of Transfiguration and the valley of despair where Jesus’ glory is seen, and an anxious father pleads for help. Who is the greatest? Unforgiveness, the Rich Young Ruler, and the request of the mother of Zebedee’s sons come up as everyone is jockeying for position. Chapter twenty-one begins the triumphant entry into Jerusalem and the beginning of the Passion Week.

Romans 15, 16

In Romans, Paul calls us, who are strong, to bear with the scruples of the weak and not please ourselves. Strength from the scripture, and comfort from God, will carry us. Paul is coming to Rome and asks for prayer and promises that the God of peace will crush Satan under our feet shortly.

1 Corinthians 1-5

 Paul addresses the gifting of Corinth and the temptation to glory in our own strength. He addresses our “natural – soulish” man in chapter two and our “carnal – fleshly” man in chapter three. We are building on the foundation of Christ, and our works will be revealed by fire. Stewards of the mysteries of God and fools for Christ’s sake. Many teachers but not many fathers. In chapter five Paul must address sexual immorality and calls the Corinthians into lives of the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.

Genesis 15-21

 Abraham’s faith continues to mature from Ishmael’s birth to Isaac’s birth, fourteen years of promise and problems. God’s covenant with Abraham is made, and fourteen years later made clearer with the sign of circumcision, name changes, and Isaac – Laughter promised. Sodom is destroyed, Lot is rescued, and Abraham finds himself in impossibility with King Abimelech, but glorifies God, is strengthened in his faith and become fully persuaded that GOD is ABLE!

Job 15-21

What began with good intentions on the part of Job’s friends has become a full-fledged argument accusing Job of wickedness. Job continues to defend himself against their accusations, calling all of them “Miserable comforters.” Inside these words are many of the same arguments that we have with ourselves and each other.

Isaiah 15-21

Isaiah turns to make proclamations against the nations, Moab, (Job’s descendants of pride), Syria, Israel, Ethiopia, Egypt, and the fall of Babylon. In all these proclamations are rich exhortations for us in conviction and repentance, with promise. Finding ourselves in these nations allows us to escape from their set ways as we pray, “Deliver me.”

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