We have embarked on an epic journey into the Word of God. Not a knowing by the intellect but by the heart. Revelation knowledge is given to us by our Father in heaven and is not attainable through our flesh. Because of this, we should not think that we are accumulating truth, but rather experiencing truth like food. We receive life to our spirit and understanding to our hearts, turning to the Lord as we read, we see Jesus.

Food is not accumulated when eaten but digested and used for energy, as life to the body. When we continue to return to the scriptures, we are changed by the truth we experience. Let’s not stop reading when we fall behind but start again.  Start with today’s bread from heaven and receive the nourishment it brings.

Matthew 8 – 14

Jesus is in the height of His ministry, going about doing good and healing all who are oppressed of the devil. He calls His twelve disciples and gives them power to do the same. But cracks are showing with the envy of man and concern of His family. Even John the Baptist doesn’t know for sure anymore. Jesus shares in parables, and in chapter 14, John the Baptist is beheaded, and Jesus multiplies the fish and the loaves.

Romans 8 – 14

The law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and our adoption is in chapter eight. Nine through eleven, is God’s commitment to Israel, our dependency on faith in Jesus and God’s promise to save. Twelve is our consecration, thirteen our call to submission, and fourteen is our call to neither judge or show contempt for one another.

Genesis 8 – 14

Noah comes out of the Ark, wins the heart of God with the first burnt offering, and God swears by Himself that He will never flood the earth again. Things have changed; his family grows, and Babel is built then stopped. Shem’s descendants to Abram are listed. Chapter twelve begins the story of Abram bringing us to his rescuing of Lot, meeting Melchizedek and receiving the blessing of God Most High.

Job 8 – 14

Job is in the thick of arguing with his friends. They continue to find fault and become increasingly more combative against Job. Job, in turn, is justifying Himself, uttering His complaints, and fending off their aggressive accusations.

Isaiah 8 – 14

Isaiah is being led to speak to kings and nations while being told not to fear them, but God only. The King is coming, the promised Messiah, and of the increase of His government and peace there shall be no end. More nations will be punished and the fruit of the arrogant, but there is coming a Rod from the stem of Jesse. Chapter twelve is a hymn of praise, chapter thirteen and fourteen speak to Babylon ending with the fall of Lucifer.

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