I am excited, as we embark this year in our daily reading of Scripture. We have scheduled the reading of the New Testament three times in the year, and the Old Testament one time. Jesus said that if we abide in His word, we be His disciples indeed and we will know the truth and the truth will make us free. John 8:31, 32

I see our reading as a two-tier approach; the first is the New Testament. We will read a chapter a day in the Gospels and Acts, and a chapter a day in the Epistles and Revelation. This is all we need to read and should be read first each day. The second tier is the Old Testament. We will read a chapter a day in the Torah and History books; Genesis—Esther, a chapter a day in the Poetry books; Job—Song of Solomon, and finally a chapter a day in the Prophets; Isaiah—Malachi. This is optional.

Jesus is the fulfillment of all the bible, and we should immerse ourselves in the New Testament. Committing to two chapters a day is doable. Some will have the time, grace, and desire to read the three chapters in the Old Testament. Either way, read, and start new every day. When you fall behind, start anew on the day you start again. We are not reading to learn knowledge of God but to experience God and come to Jesus Christ in each day’s reading. Read aloud to God, or listen to the scriptures being read, allowing the words to paint pictures and bring experiences in the Spirit.

Every word of the bible is living and will bring life to us even when we do not yet comprehend fully what we are reading. The bible is our daily bread and from there comes God’s word spoken to us that we live by, that we live because we heard.

To help, I plan to write something about each section we are reading each week to prepare our hearts to understand. I will email to you weekly on Sunday morning at 6am.

Gospel – Matthew 1-7

Matthew is a great gospel about the kingdom of heaven. It begins with the genealogy of Christ, and Joseph’s experience with the angel of the Lord. The wise men follow and then John the Baptist. Jesus is tempted by Satan and begins His ministry in chapter four. Chapters five through seven are His Sermon on the Mount.

Epistle – Romans 1-7

Romans is a book of faith. The first six verses in chapter one gives the whole gospel. The just shall live be faith followed by the refusal of man to glorify and give thanks to God and its subsequent degradation finish chapter one. Chapters two and three demonstrate all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. Chapter four brings us into the faith of Abraham, chapters five, the abundance of grace, and chapter six our calling in baptism to walk no longer as slaves of sin. Chapter seven the impossibility of justification through the law.

Torah – Genesis 1-7

First two chapters are the creation, chapter two recounts with more details. Chapter three the fall and chapter four the consequences to the family and Cain. Chapter five is Adam’s genealogy, and chapter six and seven Noah and the flood.

Poetry – Job 1-7

Job may be a hard book to start with but is very rewarding to any who have endured life’s trials and the questions arriving from it. Chapter one and two begin with Job, and the Lord pointing out Job to Satan. Job’s three friends show up and sit in silence with him for seven days until Job opens his mouth and curses the day of his birth in chapter three. Now Job’s friends begin to accuse him of wrongdoing that had brought these horrible events upon him. It is important to pay attention to who is speaking, much of this is in anguish (Job) and condemnation (Eliphaz, Bildad, and Zophar) I will share more as we go on but pay attention to the source of Eliphaz’s inspiration in Job 4:12-21.

Prophets – Isaiah 1-7

Isaiah in the first five chapters is the woe preacher. Pointing out the obvious errors, a beautiful prophecy in chapter four of which Jubilee’s future is tied, but then in chapter six, Isaiah sees the Lord sitting on His throne in His glory and is undone. Everything changes including Isaiah and he becomes the prophet of the Messiah immediately in chapter seven.

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