Rod and Julie Anderson and their worship team, will join us from London. They will join Cammy, me, special guests, and our Jubilee Worship Team to release the sound of Resurrection and Life! This will be more than a life changing event; It will be life exchanging! For two years, we have prayed into the sound of resurrection and life – the sound Jesus carries as our resurrected Lord, apostle and High Priest of our confession.

The Lord is beginning the manifestation of resurrected life in our midst. Our identity, our future and our inheritance, is conformity to Jesus the first born of many brethren. Not Jesus of Galilee, but Jesus, the glorified man, the last Adam, the life giving Spirit, and our High Priest. Many in the body of Christ have been in the fellowship of His suffering, being conformed to His death, in this last season. What has seemed as defeat and death are about to yield to triumph and resurrection. This conference will be to release the sound of resurrection life! The goal of our journey –Jesus.

I am so excited about this conference. I believe you will come away experiencing resurrection life in your entire being and destiny. To prepare for such a karios moment there are three things you can do.

1) Register Today – We are praying by name over everyone as they register. The cost is free to attend meetings.

2) Pray with us – We will pray together on Thursday evenings, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm, in the Soaking Room, inside The Jubilee Prayer Center. We will pray every Thursday (beginning September 8th, until the conference) exploring the sound of resurrection and life inside of Jesus in prayer. This is where hearts see, hear, and yield to the new sound, birthing through prayer.

3) Resurrection and Life Discovery SeriesWednesday nights, 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, in the Sanctuary. We will exercise shifting our mindset and opening ourselves to truths so that faith can come. Experiencing Jesus in His resurrection and life will be the focus of our Wednesday services (beginning September 7th) until the conference begins. Wednesday services will be streamed live and available to watch on demand.

We are in a shift of heavenly proportions that will change both His body and the earth.

Featured Speakers:

Pastor Rod Anderson

Rod Anderson

Rod is my favorite teacher of the bible, bringing with him years of experience in meditation and expositing of the Scriptures. As he establishes truth in the heart of the hearer, faith comes and so does authority. You will feel the very clarity of heaven dawn in your heart when Rod teaches. As I listen to what the Holy Spirit is revealing through him, I find myself being immersed into the authority of Jesus; I see and I hear things I could not see from my earthly position—from my warred over place. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, as Rod breaks the bread of the Word of God I find Jesus reframes my story while my heart is burning. Rod has been doing an extensive study and teaching of Hope all this year. If you will avail yourself to come receive from this extraordinary teacher, prepare to have your Hope re-ignited!

Julie Anderson

Julie Anderson

Julie is my favorite intercessor, who carries nations and music in her heart. It was at the height of the Jesus movement in the mid-sixties, having worked with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and marrying a rock star that Julie found herself born again and called up to heaven. However, God has only increased the passion in her heart for music! She recognizes how the music and strength of a generation can sway an entire nation. When Julie ministers the wind blows; the Spirit broods and swirls, as the sound from heaven comes and fills the place we are sitting. Julie sees, she prays, she perceives the very essence of Hope; to see again, pray again, and perceive the Lord seated on His throne in glory. Don’t miss her sessions; you will be translated into experiences and vistas where Jesus is taking us into the Presence behind the veil – where Hope is alive!

Featured Worship:

Music and the Message – When they become one then glory falls down.

Our worship will be a combination and joining of sound from UK to L.A. as the Commonwealth Church Worship Team and Jubilee Worship Team lead. You will be ushered into the Presence behind the veil as sounds from Heaven fill Jubilee’s sanctuary. Finding yourself before the Lamb who carries the greatest Hope…Hope to move history forward…authority to take the scroll and open the seals…time and redemption begin to come together.

Jubilee Worship led by Diana Anderson is the sweetest sound I know. As they worship, you enter into the Father’s love and acceptance, declaring identity and releasing freedom. Sound and light fill our worship. You will sense Jesus standing in the midst of hearts leading the congregation into encounters with God. The Lamb, The Father, The Holy Spirit are engaged, encountered as praise ascends and worship falls down.

The Commonwealth Church Worship Team are worshipers like David. Alive unto God, they carry His presence, His hope, His love, and His faith into sound. The sound, the songs, the message, all become one as worship to the Lamb ascends to the throne. These are true worshipers, who happen to be also master musicians, many working full time in the music world. They have ministered at major worship events in England such as David’s Tent and Big Church Day Out.

Schedule – General Sessions


7:00pm – Rod Anderson


10:00am – Steve Dittmar

1:30pm – Rod Anderson

3:30pm – Workshops

7:00pm – Julie Anderson


10:00am – Rod Anderson

1:30pm – Julie Anderson

3:30pm – Workshops

7:00pm – Steve Dittmar


10:00am – Julie Anderson

1:30pm – Impartation / Activation / Sending

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