The secret of a fruitful life IN Christ.

Jesus knew pressure. Yet, in the midst of turmoil, He lived His life from a place of rest and peace. His identity was secure because He daily drank from the deep well of the Father’s love. He learned to remain in constant fellowship with the Father. Jesus knew how to dwell.

There is a secret to remaining in rest when all around us is in chaos.  Most of us strive because we aren’t resting. We don’t rest because we’re not confident in God’s love. Learning to dwell IN Christ removes the burden of trying to make it all work. It teaches us that our peace isn’t reliant on order and resolution, but on resting in the Father’s love, available to us IN Christ in every situation, moment, occasion.

Through Jesus Christ each of us has been invited to a place of relating to God in the Secret Place of intimacy and deep communing. He modeled for us how to access this true oneness in His Secret Place, in times of prayer and the art of abiding. And we can live from that same rest…being IN Christ.

Come learn to be fruitful. Come learn to dwell.

Dwell is a 6 session Live interactive course led by Steve Dittmar