Healing Prayer

Camarillo Healing Rooms

Signing In
Sign-in at the Camarillo Healing Rooms’ reception desk upon your arrival. No appointments are needed. If this is your first visit, fill out the “Registration Form”, stating your need for healing prayer. Turn the completed form into the receptionist. Note the number next to your name on the sign-in sheet, as you will sit in that corresponding numbered chair in the waiting area.

There is no cost. However, we accept donations to help support our non-profit organization. Your donations are tax deductible. Visit our giving page.

Preparing For Prayer
As you wait quietly for your turn for prayer, you can connect your heart to God’s heart through the worship music, which is often live on Tuesday nights. Our desire is that you experience God’s presence, love, and power, during this time.

Your Prayer Session
A prayer team member will invite you in for prayer when it is your turn, providing you with a loving, safe, and confidential environment. The prayer room sessions are generally limited to 20 – 30 minutes. We will pray for you to be healed in your body, soul, or spirit. Some of our guests receive their healing instantly by a miraculous touch from God, while others receive their healing progressively over a period of days, weeks, or months. We are committed to pray for you for as long as it takes, contending for your healing until you are completely well!

After Your Prayer Session
Our team will offer you free healing prayer handouts to help you keep the healing you have received, by your ongoing fellowship with God and His Word. To help strengthen your faith in God, we have a wide selection of books and other resources on healing for purchase in our bookstore.

No Medical Advise Given
Because the Camarillo Healing Rooms is a prayer ministry, we do not give medical or nutritional advice. We encourage you to talk with your doctors and other health professionals about any change you in your prescriptions and medical treatments.