I just got back from Mexico for our daughter’s wedding. Thank you; it was beautiful. Unfortunately, I am behind my time and must write a short blog. (For which everyone may be thankful.)

In these five chapters, we begin to see the Lord speaking, above present crisis with Israel, into His redemption of Israel.

Chapters thirty and thirty-one give some of the largest promises of redemption and returning, leading to the New Covenant being promised for the first time.

In Chapter thirty-two, Jeremiah is in prison and told by the Lord to buy back a field, as the kinsman redeemer. He does so, and then asks the Lord, “Why Lord? We are in the middle of a siege and promised destruction by Babylon”? God is always in redemption even in discipline. He is always seeing the next season before the current one is even completed. God is eternal and wants to speak into eternity, and salvation is eternal.

Chapter thirty-three is the most extravagant decree of the Lord’s intent to restore Jerusalem. Most of us know Isaiah thirty-five, but this chapter goes beyond Isaiah thirty-five and promises a complete redemption and renewal of a desolate land.

In Chapter thirty-four, we are back with God warning Jeremiah about the coming of Nebuchadnezzar. It is clear that is over, but the Lord explains why. It is because they had stepped into national forgiveness. They then changed their minds and put the brothers back into bondage. It’s the revival that was, and then was not. It is the end.

With God it is never over, revival can come, and revival go, deliverance be given and withheld. With God, He can speak of tomorrow, seventy years into the future as if it was today and speak over what is happening with redemption and promise and hope. God is in charge. Our part is to obey His voice, agree with His words, and do what He says. He is God, we are not.

Never give up; always surrender to the Lord. We never know what the Lord might do, but we can always come into agreement with the Lord when we surrender to His will. That’s how Jesus redeemed us all.


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