I am aware that the Holy Spirit is brooding over our chaos, darkness, and emptiness. Jesus is revealing His gospel message in the Scriptures and through the Holy Spirit. At times, I am afraid of what the Lord is going to do. I can feel that a flood is about to sweep me away. When water moves, the greater the volume the greater the power.

Jesus was preparing His apostles for His coronation on Pentecost. The power of that pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh was greater than the apostles had ever experienced before.

He would be coronated King of Righteousness – King of Peace. He would receive the Holy Spirit from the Father and pour Him out on Pentecost. HE would be the central message. His resurrection, repentance, baptism, remission of sins, and the gift of the Holy Spirit, in Christ, would be proclaimed.

This is happening again. The more I meditate and experience His truth and the Holy Spirit with childlike faith, as though I had never been there before, I realize that I have never been here before. This is beyond a blessing for better ministry. This is God, glorifying His Son in our midst. This is repentance to remission of sin. This is times of refreshing from Holy Spirit.

I close my eyes and I see. I see Jesus high and lifted up, I see His glory filling the temple, filling the entire earth. I am undone, and I can’t bring myself back. I welcome His coals from the altar, I welcome His proclamation. “The old is past, your sin is forgiven, and your iniquity has been purged.” Again, I am afraid of what this all means, but it’s too late. He is coming.

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