Walk with Jesus!

Discover what Jesus was really doing as He followed His Father into Jerusalem to conquer sin and death.

What if we could walk with Jesus through the last six months of his ministry on earth? What if we could see what He saw, experience what He experienced, and know the very movement of God in His redemption plan? We can!

Join us at Jubilee in these key weeks before Easter as we explore Jesus’ life as seen through the Gospels, especially John: Jesus living on purpose, being led by the Spirit, testifying to the truth, making promises, and calling all hearts to Himself!

As we dive into the Passion Week of Jesus—that intense flurry of events between Palm Sunday and Christ’s Resurrection– we will witness the genius, the beauty, and the intensity of the love of God as He sent His Son into the greatest liberation assault history has ever known!

We will experience the Father’s plan to bring many sons into glory. Join us as we get to be there: encountering Jesus, yielding to Jesus, being liberated by Jesus. 

After this, we will know the Bible like we haven’t before, and best yet, we will be transformed into this beautiful, vibrant story of REDEMPTION. We won’t be outsiders, but participants in the greatest story ever told, encountering for ourselves JESUS: the Way, the Truth, and the Life!


As this is a current teaching series, the newest message is first in the order of the videos.

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