Restoration Ministries is devoted to the inner healing needs of individuals through prayer and teaching sessions, known as Freedom Encounters, and to equip those who feel called by God to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free.

We have individual online sessions on Zoom which are scheduled by appointment (see Contact info).


Restoration Ministry:

  • To bring healing (Inner/emotional healing) and freedom to the wounded and bound. Isaiah 61 and Luke 4 is our Biblical model
  • To equip and train those who are called to Healing/Deliverance ministry of Jesus the Messiah.
  • To bringing this healing/deliverance ministry to the Nations. To date this has been done in the U.S, Peru, Thailand, and China.


We provide these services:

  1. Freedom Encounter once per year.
  2. Follow-up Growth Group AND Training Group sessions for those who have attended the Encounter workshop.
  3. We have Encounter Manuals and Prayer Manuals available to those who enroll in the Freedom Encounter, and also previously recorded CDs. The Encounter Manual and Prayer Manual is available in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Thai.
  4. Our Restoration Ministries Team is open to accept invitation to other groups or churches to give Encounter workshop.


For an appointment contact:
Steve & Shirley Quon (805) 988-1961 (Please leave message) 



Coming soon: We are excited to announce our new Freedom Encounter website, currently under development. This platform will provide wider and more convenient access to the Freedom Encounter teachings and resources for individuals and groups.


At A Glance

Ministry Name: Restoration Ministries
Ministry Leaders:  Steve & Shirley Quon
Times:  For an appointment, please contact Steve Quon at or by text (only) at 1-805-988-1961. Your email and cell will be requested.

For more information visit –

Steve & Shirley Quon

Leaders, Directors

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